A Bed and Breakfast in Vieste can provide everything you want in this wonderful holiday town, with all the comforts (and more!) of home.  A Vieste B&B provides a unique and wonderful place to stay,  Of course there are many other wonderful places to stay, but in this post we are talking specifically about a Vieste bed and breakfast.  As always, we are only reporting what our research uncovers, and your experience may vary.  We do feel it can be helpful for the first time traveler to have some guidance at least as far as where to start in the search for a great Vieste bed and breakfast.  We are not at all affiliated with any bed and breakfast in Vieste and have nothing to gain from your eventual choice.

Choosing a Vieste B&B

So how to make the choice of a bed and breakfast in Vieste?  You have ruled out a more private (and probably more expensive ) townhouse or apartment, and if you are not lucky enough to have a timeshare to use, a bed and breakfast in Vieste may be just the thing to be sure you have all the amenities you need and all the comfort you desire.

B&B in Vieste Amenities

You need to decide what amenities you want, such as color TVs, air conditioning, wi-fi, and mini bars.  You want shared space perhaps with furnished rooms and verandas that are comfortable and great for relaxing.  You may also want to be sure that the Vieste B&B is friendly to children – perhaps they have a lending library of children’s games or a TV room should you or the kids differ on what to watch in your room.  There may even be an outdoor playground.

Vieste B&B Locations

Of course location is quite important as well, and you may want to choose a Vieste bed and breakfast that is near the beach where you can enjoy the ocean (although Vieste beaches rarely get too crowded so this may not matter too much).  Or do you want to be sure it is in town so there is only a very short walk to the shops, historical landmarks, and restaurants of downtown?  One way or another your preferences will help you decide on a B&B in Vieste.

Vieste B&B Listing

The following is not a comprehensive listing of B&B Vieste choices.  There are many other excellent choices if a Vieste Bed and Breakfast is your choice, but these are a few that we like.  At the very least this listing should give you an idea of the possibilities and may lead you to other choices as well.

Vieste B&B near nature: Azienda agricola Macchiaria

This positively reviewed Vieste B&B is seaside but also has a nice view of natural beauty.  The main building is in a perfect position for you to have proximity and a view of the lovely Gargano National Park, including some of the wonderful olive groves we find in the area.   This choice may be good for both families and those looking for a romantic getaway.  The rooms themselves all have views of the ocean and en-suite bathrooms.  Some of the amenities you’ll find at Azienda agricola Macchiaria B&B Vieste include:

  • Pets are allowed (with some restrictions)
  • Air Conditioning and heating
  • Free wifi and TV
  • Great views and walking distance to many features

Call +39 347 3507188 for more information or go to the website of Azienda agricola Macchiaria

B&B Del Corso, Vieste bed and breakfast in the town

Our next listing is the B&B Del Corso, which is well situated in the town of Vieste.  Located only a short distance from local beaches and many hostorical landmarks, this Vieste B&B is great for the traveler who wants to truly expplore the town.  The staff will help you design your day trips if you’d like.  In addition to sights and beaches, you will be staying near restaurants, sports, and shopping.  One of the great features of this Vieste B&B is that deswpite its central location it is quiet and relaxing.  Amenities include:

  • Some private bathrooms
  • Free wifi
  • air conditioning and heating
  • pets allowed (with some restructions)

Call +39 347 3640681 for more information.

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  • December 30, 2016 at 7:52 am

    Hullo, I’d like to spend a few days in Vieste around the 18th May. I’m interested in the B&B Del Corso. Can you give me some information?


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