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Vieste, Italy is a small but beautiful town on the most eastern part on the Gargano peninsula of Italy in the Puglia region. At its core, this town is a fishing village, but it offers a holiday or vacation traveler wonderful sights and beautiful culture and tradition.  One of the unique aspects of this ocean side town is that it has a lot to offer individuals, couples, and families.  Also, the local people welcome tourists and make them feel comfortable and welcome whether in Vieste hotels, restaurants, or historical sights, or activities.

You will not forget the water after you visit Vieste Italy – the deep rich blue ocean is memorable due to the fact that the water is unbelievably clean (The Gargano region of Puglia has been the recipient of environmental awards for having “the cleanest sea water in Italy”).  Like the rest of the Puglia area, the beaches are also quite calm and perfect for many activities, and there is enough beach for a nice walk or bike ride.  A Vieste accommodation near the ocean offer activities and a beautiful view of the sunset.

On your holiday or vacation, don’t miss a visit to the sea caves along the southern coast of Vieste. Then take a trip up to the deep green Puglia forest called “the Macchia Meditteranea”. There you will find exotic and breathtaking plants, trees and animals. There are hundreds of beaches for every taste. In addition to sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, or jet skiing you can explore inlets and coves.  Your holiday or vacation in this beautiful seaside town will be memorable and beautiful!  If you choose one of the hotels in Vieste near the coast you may have breathtaking water views.  Your Vieste accommodations more inland will offer great views of nature while still having cool ocean breezes.

Nighttime is truly special in Vieste Italy. There are small bars in town and larger nightlife in other parts of Gargano and Puglia.  Then the next day there is a truly magnificent sunrise that every holiday or vacation traveler must see – spend a comfortable and warm night on a Gargano area beach at least once to watch the sunrise.

Here is some very basic information about Vieste Italy:

Region of Italy: Puglia
Province of Puglia: Foggia
Elevation: 43 meters (just above sea level)
Total Area: 167.52 km² (about an hour drive from end to end)
Vieste Population: around 14,000
Population Density: Fairly thick, at 210 people/sq mile
Gargano Time zone: CET, which is UTC+1
Gargano Dialing code: 0884
Gargano Postal code: 71019

About this Vieste Website:

We are a fully independent website dedicated to promoting the beautiful holiday town of Vieste in the Gargano area of Puglia Italy.  We cover Vieste Hotels, local attractions, and attractions in the wider province.  We will also bring the latest information and advice about going to this wonderful town with your family, your partner, or by yourself on our blog.  But why are we here?

We are not directly affiliated with any provider of hotels in Vieste Italy, nor are we involved in any way in the travel industry.  We are not from this wonderful town or the surrounding area.  We have nothing to gain or lose from whether you choose to travel to Vieste Italy or the surrounding area of Gargano in Puglia.  This way we can give truly independent and unbiased advice, something that is often missing from travel websites right now.  That said, it’s not too controversial to promote a wonderful holiday destination like this town.

Basically, we are just big fans of Vieste Italy and the surrounding Gargano area of Puglia and we see a lot to promote.  We think people will have a great time in this beautiful town and in wider Gargano, again whether traveling alone, as a couple, with a group, or with children.  it has a lot to offer, and we have a lot to say about it.  It is enjoyable to us to promote a place where people can relax, have fun, see great sites, and even learn a little.  Again, we do not profit if you choose to travel to Vieste Italy or any other parts of Gargano or the larger Puglia province, so trust that everything here is factual and in the service of being helpful.

How many holiday destinations can you find that have wonderful beaches with soft sand and water that has won awards for purity, a lovely downtown with a lot to do and a great personality, many historical sights, and fun nightlife?  And the people of Vieste Italy are welcoming and enjoy the fact that you have chosen their town as your holiday destination.  They are proud of their town and its history and hopeful that you will come to love it as much as they do.  Finally, how many holiday vacation destinations can you choose where if you actually decide you want to explore the area outside where you are staying, there is wonderful nature, nightlife, and historical sights to see beyond the area where you are staying?

We are proud to be a fully independent and unbiased site and as such we do not accept guest posts or other content besides that which is submitted as comments.  While we respect others’ enthusiasm for Vieste, Gargano, and the larger Puglia area we want to be sure that we remain a trusted resource that is not directly connected with anyone who would profit from your choice.  We may take a day or two with any comments submitted to be sure that they retain the spirit of independence that we are promoting here.

Our Sections about Vieste Italy

Please note our sections (navigation is to the left), which are highlighted by:

- The Natural Beauty of Vieste breaks down all aspects of your holiday vacation in terms of the beautiful array of colors you will experience

- What to do in Vieste provides information and advice about activities, Viete Hotels, and sights in this ocean side town

- Pages about Gargano and Puglia provides information about and things to do in the surrounding area and the larger Puglia region

- Vieste Accommodations gives valuable advice about where to stay – the hotels in Vieste

- A Typical Day in Vieste describes one possible day in this beautiful Italian town

- Travel Tips gives helpful information and advice about planning your holiday including looking into the hotels in Vieste

- Vieste Blog gives the very latest information and advice to any prospective traveler to Vieste, Gargano and all of Puglia

Legal Information and Copyright

All information about Vieste, Gargano, Puglia, and related topics contained here is original and protected by copyright.  We may allow some reproduction for certain purposes, but only with prior permission.  Our aim is to provide fully unbiased and independent information and advice about Hotels in Vieste and Gargano and what to do once you are there including attractions in the wider Puglia region, and therefore we will always publish original content.  We reserve all rights.  If you submit an informative comment, you retain the copyrights to it.

We do not collect any information about our visitors.  We will not contact you in any way or publish or otherwise use information about you.  If you do submit comments we will only publish what you ask us to publish, and if we have any question about that we may contact you.  We are not affiliated in any way with any provider of services in Vieste, Gargano or Puglia, such as tourism, travel, accommodations, etc., and certainly would turn down any requests for information about visitors to our website.

Here is the Wikipedia site all about Vieste, and here is Trip Advisors entry about this traveling to Vieste

Seasonal Updates on Vieste Italy

You may know what to expect in Vieste Italy in the summertime, but do not overlook the other seasons, such as:

Spring in Vieste Italy

Vieste Italy remains a popular – but not too popular – destination for a wide variety of travelers.  Your choice of when to go to Vieste Italy may have to do with a lot of factors, but in spring you should know that soon this wonderful holiday town will be bustling with all types of traveler, including families with children, young adults, groups, and older adults.  That is what happens in the summer in any oceanside town, and especially a wonderful little holiday destination.  For some of you, the idea of there being many children and families is actually not what you want because you are looking for quiet and tranquility, something that this town does offer a lot of the year but not all summer.  But you want to go to the beach just the same.  Thus the spring may be the perfect time for you to travel to Vieste Italy – when it warms up but before school gets out.

Should you decide to travel to Vieste Italy in the spring you will find that most everything is open – even many places that do their best business in the summer – yet the town is not too crowded and is quite relaxing.  The food remains top-notch and there are many activities to enjoy.  And the surrounding areas of Puglia and Gargano are enjoyable as well.  Of course on the flip side if you are traveling with children or you are a young adult looking for a social scene, you may find that this is not as ideal a time as summer for your travels.

Winter in Vieste Italy

Many of you may have either already been to Vieste Italy, or have looked into it before as a possible holiday vacation destination.  Here we always want to provide the very latest news and information about this small ocean side Italian town.  In 2013 we actually have seen few huge changes in the town, with most of the major sites, restaurants, hotels, and beaches staying open and in great shape.  In fact, with an improving economy the main changes in this holiday town have been updates and improvements that are more subtle but might make your stay that much more comfortable, secure, or enjoyable.

Vieste Italy remains one of the cleanest places you can visit, from the water to the streets, and the local people are quite proud of this.  Nothing has changed in that regard.  Over the past year a few new cafes and markets have opened, but the streets are still open and not cluttered, and this vacation town does not feel crowded or hard to get around.  You may notice a few more travelers if you’ve been to there recently, since an improving economy in places like the U’S. have attracted more people to this holiday destination.

Our advice on subsequent pages about hotels, cafes, restaurants, and activities remain up-to-date.  In some cases we have added newer places.  If you’ve recently traveled to this wonderful town and notice anything on our site that it is not up-yo-date, we hope you will let us know!  thanks for looking into Vieste Italy!

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  1. Hi there – thank you for sharing this great information about Vieste! My fiancé and I will spend our honeymoon in Vieste and wonder whether you might know of a place to rent a scooter/motorcycle in Vieste. Is this something you would suggest?



  2. Hi Sidney

    Thanks for following our Twitter, such as it is.

    As a Tour Operator to Italy for individuals I sam very interested in Pugila. We visited last October spending most of our time in Lecce and Monopoli but saw a good portion of the country from the south as far north to Barletta.

    End result was gathering experiences and contacts and shortly we will introduce our 2014 Puglia for Beginners Luxury Tour and am looking to expand our coverage in the coming months and years. I’d like to hear more from you about Vieste. Email me direct;ly so we can see what can be done

    Best regards,


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