Procession of Santa Maria di Merino and Procession of San Giorgio

Feel an even more active connection to Vieste

One wonderful tradition in Vieste Italy is a pair of processions that just can’t be missed.  These celebrations capture the wonder of Vieste and its people, and provide a lot of fun for people of all ages.  It may even be worth planning an entire trip around these Vieste processions, and in particular if you feel this wonderful town will be a place you come back year after year these events might be something you want to join with.  Children can learn from these events – not just specifically about the history that surrounds them, but also more generally about the ways in which these types of traditions can shape a culture and bring people closer together.  And one of the best things about these two processions in Vieste is that they are not so crowded or busy that you can’t get a good view and feel like you are a part of things.

One way to think about processions is like an active and moving celebration, where the scene changes constantly even though the spectator does not have to move.  This is why Vieste processions are so popular – they allow a great number of people to line the streets and watch a huge amount of changing scenes, performances, and fun.  The performers and actors are so close to everyone watching – there is no bad seat.  And there is so much noise that the crowd can yell and chear in appreciation and celebration and truly feel like a part of things.  Vieste has prided itself in processions that offer all of this and more, and it can bring the person watching back to a time before electronic media when this was the way that people enjoyed their common culture and history.

The first event is called the procession of Santa Maria di Merino.  This wonderful event brings together people who were born in Vieste, often attracting people who are now living on other continents.  This is a great chance to see how the people of Vieste have come to love their town and cherish its traditions.  This is an upbeat event, a true celebration of this place, its history, and its culture.  Everyone is welcome as long as they are looking forward to celebrating the rich history of Vieste Italy including its customs and its people.  Even if you were not born in Vieste and even if this is your very first trip, you are quite welcome at the procession of Santa di Merino.  And if you are bringing children it can be wonderful for them to see the kind of pride and enjoyment people get out of celebrating where they lived and the place they will always be connected to.

The second procession is called the procession of San Giorgio, and this one is also sure to be a hit and possibly worth specially timing your trip.  This one is held on April 23rd and involves the wooden statue of this particular Saint carried through the streets of Vieste in celebration.  The event ends at wonderful Pizzomunno beach, concluding in a horse race.  You can’t help but be caught up in the history and tradition behind the procession of San Giorgio, and as above it can truly be a learning experience for children of all ages.  Each procession is different so you could attend the procession of San Giorgio each year and enjoy the uniqueness of it each year while appreciating its connection to the rich history of Vieste Italy.

Vieste Italy is a wonderful place to spend your holiday vacation, whether alone,l as a couple, or as a family.  You can have an absolutely wonderful time no matter when you go, given all there is to do, the great food, and the beautiful beaches.  But some people plan their trip to Vieste Italy around specific celebrations and events that can make your stay more exciting and interesting.

Some people enjoy events like the above, while others tend to avoid the added crowds that often come with them.  The great thing about Vieste is that even during these celebratory times the town is not overly crowded and everyone remains very friendly and welcoming.  If you are planning to be a frequent visitor you may feel more a part of this lovely town if you take in at least one of these traditional celebrations during one of your stays.

These two events truly define this wonderful town, and can make anyone visiting feel closer to the town and its people.

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