M. Petrone Archeological Museum in Vieste

The M Petrone Acheological Museum Vieste is a site worth seeing.  Often we are asked what the “must not miss” sights and locations are in Vieste.  There are many easy answers, such as the clean beaches and wonderful forest.  But there are some subtle answers that are easier to miss, and a bit less known.  The M. Petrone Archeological Museum is an example of one of the must see places in Vieste that too many people miss on their first trip to Vieste.

M Petrone Acheological Museum Basics

Located on Via Celestino (phone number (+39) 0884708578, and open all morning and then in the late afternoon and evening, M. Petrone is a warm and inviting museum with all local finds including spears and arrows and rock inscriptions from many centuries b.c. as well as finds from the early history of Vieste and Puglia.  Admission is free, though you can donate to the museum if you’d like.  It is not completely handicapped accessible.  This museum makes for an excellent way to spend a leisurely late afternoon or morning, especially on a bad weather day (don;t wait for one though – sometimes they are few and far between!)

Like many other places in Vieste M. Petrone Archeological Museum is quaint, and the staff is very interested in making sure you come to appreciate the town and its history as much as they do.  You can explore the museum by yourself, or get a guided tour…or something in between.  Afterwards you will have an even deeper appreciation of the rich and storied history of Vieste and the entire region of Italy where it sits.

M. Petrone is open from 8:15 to 12:15 and then again from 4:00 to 7:00 pm, weekdays only so you need to be sure to plan your trip to this wonderful Vieste museum. It is located right at the bottom of the Cathedral and admission is often free.  They welcome children and families, and also enjoy the single traveler or couples who come to visit.  There is a pride throughout Vieste about their history and heritage, and perhaps nowhere can it be seen as strongly as in the M. Petrone archeological museum.  And do not worry if you’ve already visited this wonderful Vieste  museum in the past – there are constant additions and changes to the displays, and even where things don’t obviously change you might still be surprised by how much there is to learn!

Who Will Enjoy the M Petrone Archeological Museum?

The M. Petrone Archeological Museum is great for any history buff, but also anyone interested in learning something while on vacation.  It is an excellent destination for families who want to make sure their kids come away with an education while they are away, and it can be quite interesting for children to compare the rich history of Vieste with the archeological history of wherever they are from.

If you are interested in history, whether just the history of Vieste or history in general, one of the best places to view the treasures of the area is the M. Petrone Archeological Museum.  There you can find artifacts beautifully laid out from centuries past, including spears and arrows, and Daunian rock inscriptions.  These archeological finds at M. Petrone date back to the second through fourth centuries B.C.  You can truly get an intimate look not only of the parts of the history of Vieste that are usually talked about – the time of the castle and the cathedral – but also of times much earlier than that when this area was not organized into a small town yet but there was plenty of activity nonetheless.  This is the type of museum many people like – interesting, packed with information, and well-kept up, but not overly crowded or expensive.

The M. Petrone archeological museum is perfect for a family traveling with children looking for something to do on a day where the weather is not great, or wanting to make sure the children get an education while they are there.  That is not to say individuals and couples would not enjoy a trip to M. Petrone as well to get a deeper understanding of Vieste and connection to this wonderful area.  The museum is well taken care of and very informative, and even those who are not usually interested in this kind of thing may be intrigued by what there is to see and learn.  You might plan a short trip where you just see the main artifacts to make sure you learn a little about where you are staying, or spend a longer time getting a  deeper knowledge.  You might even plan two trips to M. Petrone, first a quick trip to see what is there, and then a second and longer trip to really take things in.

Vieste Italy has a lot to offer and its traditions and history are perhaps what make it truly special.  Go to the M. Petrone Archeological Museum and check out some of that history yourself, and you’ll feel just that much closer to your vacation holiday destination.  Like much of Italy and the surrounding areas of Europe, this small town has a very rich history and it can deepen the meaning behind your trip to understand more about how this town emerged from many challenges.  M Petrone may also lead you to take in other historical sites whether in Vieste or surrounding Gargano or Puglia – as you learn more about the history of the region you may want to see the historical landmarks up close.

Please use our comments section if you do visit this wonderful museum to let others know how it went.  Also feel free to ask questions that we can try to answer or perhaps another reader can help with.  We hope you enjoy your trip to Vieste and suggest that you inclide a trip to the M Patrone Archeological Museum!

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