Vieste: Tourist Village By the Sea

LOcals describe Vieste as a “Tourist Village by the Sea” or “Villaggi Touristici Vieste” in Italian.

.  In fact the Our Vieste guide is designed for those who are considering visiting this region, or those who have been there before but now want a different experience.  Vieste is a hidden gem, a holiday town that has something to offer almost any vacation traveler.  Planning a trip to Vieste in many ways is easy since this town has so many things to enjoy that you can go for almost any length of time and at any time of year and there will be fun and excitement to be had.  But there may be specific things you will want to know if you want to plan the perfect trip to Vieste, and that is why we have developed this section of our website.  Here we talk about planning your trip – when to go and what to consider before actually booking your travel or your accommodations.\

Vieste Sightseeing Overview

We’re glad you are here, considering a trip to this wonderful holiday town and consulting our Vieste travel guide.  Now we hope we can help you narrow down the possibilities with pages in this section including:

M. Petrone Archeological Museum is a page dedicated to that particular site, but it also serves our Vieste Italy travel guide more general, showing you one of the great places you can visit and explore while in this great part of the country.  This museum is quite interesting and will appeal to many people.

Our “Processions” goes over the wonderful festivals that happen in different times of year in Vieste.  There is so much variety among these processions that you may be interested in going back several times at different times of year, but for now this page may help you choose the time of year for your next trip if you like these kinds of celebrations.

Our pages about Gargano and Puglia may help you decide how long to stay and whether to consider looking into travel outside of Vieste while you are there.  The surrounding area has a lot to offer, and depending on your preferences and length of stay you may want to go exploring.

Vieste Cathedral is a page that is specifically about the cathedral but more generally allowed us to be creative in bringing the wonder of Vieste closer to home.  As you read about the great cathedral in this lovely holiday town you might think more generally about how much this holiday town in Italy has to offer, in case you are still on the fence as far as whether to book your trip. The cathedral near the beach is breathtaking.  It has a basilica plan and a Baroque bell tower.  Inside it is a remarkable place with amazing decoration and architecture.

In some ways our whole website is a travel guide to Vieste, Italy, but this section uses some specifics to help you plan and give you examples of what you might want to do.

Other Sites to See in Vieste

Vieste is a beautiful part of Gargano Italy, and you could easily spend your time just enjoying the beach and town, getting to know the friendly people, and doing some shopping for homemade goods and food.  But there are many things to do that combine sightseeing with activity, including:

– Vieste’s most amazing site is Pizzomunno which is a huge rocky outcrop about 25 metres high near the beach called Spiaggia del Castello (“Castle Beach”).  This area can actually be a bot dangerous for children because the rocks are very steep.

– Vieste also has an amazing castle, one that actually has a triangular shape!  The castle has an amazing history and is a favorite of families traveling with children.  Make sure you have a guide who can tell you the fantastic stories about this castle throughout its history as walk through the castle.

These examples are just the beginning – Vieste has so much to offer for such a small, quiet and quaint part of Italy that it makes for a wonderful holiday destination.

Vieste Sightseeing Guide

Of course as with any trip you will be at the mercy of uncontrollable issues such as the weather, but Vieste has so much to offer these problems can be overcome by careful planning.  Use our website to develop a plan for what you might do if you need to spend a few days off the beach, or on the other hand if there is a particularly hot spell while you are there.  Prior planning should assume that everything will not be perfect, and should include decisions about what to do if you need a back-up plan.

We also suggest that you decide whether you will be spending the majority of your time, or even perhaps all of your time, in the actual town.  The surrounding areas of Puglia and Gargano also have a lot to offer, but often on a first trip people do not want to stray much from the town since it has so much going on.  But for some, a trip far away often includes exploration of the surrounding areas, and a trip to Vieste offers just such an opportunity.  Be sure to plan this out as well.  If this is your first trip to Vieste you may decide not to go to the surrounding areas because you are having too much fun in the town itself, but planning these trips anyway is a good idea in case you do want to explore.  The pages in this section provide a travel guide to those areas.

On your first trip you may want to plan things out more than you will on subsequent trips, given that you can always alter your itinerary if you want.  Think about the things you definitely want to do or see, and plan them out.  One way to do this is to not plan each day specifically, but to do things more generally.  For example, you might decide what you will do on the first day that is particularly hot, or that is cloudy.  Or you might decide what you will do when you got a great night’s sleep versus what you will do when you were up late.  One way or another you should prepare ahead of time and have a list of what you hope to see or do, even if you cannot realistically do all of it.

We hope these three pages might help you decide whether to book a trip to Vieste and exactly when to go and for how long.  We are an independent site with no stake in exactly what activities you choose, restaurants you frequent, or other decisions you make.  So when it comes to planning we want to give you a well-rounded look without necessarily pushing you toward one option or the other.

Our next sections have more specific detail about Vieste accommodations and what do to while there.  Best of luck as you plan your holiday vacation in Vieste, Italy!

Vieste Village Shopping

You may be most comfortable finding the places in Vieste where you can get the best food, necessities, and souvenirs at the best prices.  You may want to just leave it at that and walk away with a bargain.  And luckily for you, Vieste is not an expensive place to stay by Italian and European standards, so you may very well be quite content to pay the asking price on items.

That said, many of you may enjoy bargaining for a better price, and since Vieste is not a holiday town with lots of bureaucratic chain stores and restaurants, you may very well be able to get a lower price if you haggle a bit.  The key is knowing when and where you may be able to bargain for a lower price.

Let’s start with timing.  During a busy time the store or restaurant staff may not have time to engage in bargaining because they have too much to pay attention to and your business may not be quite as vitally important just then.  Wait for a slow period when the owner will be more motivated to make an individual sale.

Now consider who to bargain and negotiate with.  It may not be easy but you need to try to find the person who appears to be highest on the food chain at the store or restaurant.  The smaller the establishment the easier – a cart in the street may have only one vendor who is the owner, but a large store may have many staff there.  The higher the person is in the hierarchy the more likely they can directly bargain with you.

Finally consider other aspects of your timing if you want to bargain for items or services in Vieste.  If you know a fruit stand gets new deliveries in the mid afternoon, go right before then and see if they’ll give you a deal on yesterday’s fresh fruit.

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