Vieste Sights


The Sights to See in Vieste Italy

Vieste is a small holiday town that has a lot to offer as far as its clean and beautiful beaches, wonderful food, and exciting nightlife.  But many people who travel to Italy and to Vieste itself want to take in some of the history of this town, and look at the sights there are to see before they leave.  Vueste is quite rich in history and there are incredibly interesting things to learn, whether you are traveling with children and want them to learn something on the trip, or you just want to get a deeper appreciation for this town and this whole area of Italy.  The great thing is that the town of Vieste is so small that taking in many of the historical sights does not take long and does not require a lot of in between travel.

For those who are staying a week or more in Vieste Italy, you could very easily choose the day with the most challenging whether to do your sightseeing because much of it takes place indoors.  You could also sight see during the morning or late afternoon before or after you go to the beach and so that you do not miss out on nightlife or other fun.  Whether you decide to go on a tour that brings you to every great sight in Vieste but only briefly, or you decide to go on one that will focus on just a few but allow you more time at each, you will be able to cover a lot in a small amount of time.

There are also modified tours, such as those that focus on food destination as opposed to historical ones, or those that require a little bit of sport such as climbing or hiking.  There are tours of Vieste by land and also be sea, and you may even find some that do both.   And finally you may find Vieste Italy tours that are specifically designed for children and those which are tailored mostly to adults.

The following pages go over each of the major sightseeing stops in this wonderful town.

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