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We are dedicating this page to Vieste news, but not in the traditional sense. Our focus as far as Vieste news is what is new and exciting about this holiday destination.

Vieste News: Markets Grow in Popularity

Our first piece of Vieste news that we want to cover is the growth in street markets in this wonderful holiday town.  On the other pages in this section we cover the restaurants and cafes of Vieste.  But perhaps for financial reasons, or because you like to cook food yourself (or both), you want to prepare some of your own meals.  Maybe you don’t want to skip the restaurants of Vieste  altogether, but at times you want to cook your next meal yourself.  This is a great idea and wonderful choice in this Italian town.  There is fresh and wonderful food to be had, if you know where to look.

Let’s start with an obvious issue: While in Vieste choose ingredients that are grown locally, or caught nearby.  Fish that are caught by fisherman in the area, for example, are great choices.  Fruits and vegetables grown in the town or anywhere in Puglia or Gargano  make terrific ingredients for any recipe.  Even the spices you choose should be locally grown and made.  You can get a wide variety of ingredients for many different recipes, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Where to buy your ingredients for your next meal is also important.  Look for markets that are not only busy, but busy with folks who live in Vieste  year-round.  These markets have likely built a strong reputation for good reason.  Almost any Vieste market will likely be good, and of course the food is out and on display so you can usually judge for yourself.  Choose an appropriate time of day to buy your ingredients, with morning being best for produce and fruit that is often re-stocked first thing, and late afternoon being a great time to get the fish that was the catch of the day.  Perhaps you may even do your food shopping in two trips for the freshest and highest quality ingredients.

You may want to experiment with different markets during your stay, until you find the one that has what you want at a decent price.  Keep in mind that with a food market its not just about which one has the “best” stuff, but rather which one has the ingredients that you like.  And it may even be that a market that does not generally have high quality food, or is otherwise not so popular, may do well with the specific foods you like or need for a recipe.  In fact, some shoppers go to different markets for different ingredients.  This can be a fun way to meet more people and see more of this wonderful holiday town.

The final issue is making sure you have the correct facilities to prepare your meal.  Some Vieste  hotels have efficiencies, and if you think you’ll be doing a lot of food preparation, hopefully you’ve chosen your accommodations wisely.  Of course rental apartments and timeshares almost always have a kitchen, but the exact appliances and space that each accommodation offers may differ widely.  The same goes for hotel time labeled as efficiencies.  Make sure you do your homework – an advertisement that says your Vieste accommodation will have “an efficiency” may mean something with relatively full but small appliances, or something with just a microwave and hot plate.

Best of luck in Vieste as far as food and meals.  The restaurants are excellent and cafes wonderful.  But with such great fresh food you may want to try making your own meals and then you can spend some saved money on activities.

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