Many people are surprised at the fact that they can go to an oceanside holiday town in Italy and still experience the wonders of nature.  Yet in Vieste and surrounding Gargano, this is very possible due to the breathtaking forest called “Maccia Mediterranea”.  This incredibly lush green forest is amazing in how relaxing and fascinating at the same time.  With an ecosystem specific to the mediterranean area, this Vieste forest has a unique mix of particular plants, trees, birds, and animals.  The forest of Vieste is one of the aspects of your trip that will be unforgettable.

The Maccia Mediterranea holds something for all the senses.  There is a distinct smell of nature that is invigorating, the sounds of the ocean breeze through the trees is relaxing, the sights of small animals and beautiful flowers is exciting, and the soft mix of soil and sand is unique and wonderful.  Even close to the ocean the trees in this Vieste forest have grown tall, providing a cool and comfortable canopy under which you can explore or relax.  The forest is a great place for a hike, a picnic, a nature exploration, or just a relaxing walk.  For the kids you can make up a scavenger hunt, teach them about nature, or just enjoy the scenery together.

As we’ve explored previously, the accommodations you might choose in Vieste may depend on your preference for where you will spend your time.  In this case, you may want to find accommodations such as a rental house or villa near the forest if you think that this will be your primary interest.  Don’t worry, however, Vieste is a small town so even if your stay at the beach or even outside town in surrounding Gargano, you will still be near this wonderful forest.

For those of you who love nature, or those who want to get away from it all and truly relax, there is a beautiful forest near Vieste in the Gargano region that is very much worth visiting.  Foresta Umbra” is a thick and lush green forest with very tall trees. The foliage includes shade trees such as maples, oaks, and beech. There are also flowering plants such as orchids and violets.  What is particularly great about the Umbra Forest is that the foliage and types of trees differ as you walk through – you can truly walk until you’ve found your spot.  And although the forest is natural and thick, it is hard to get lost because the pathways are well-marked.

There is plenty of wildlife in the forest, though of course it is completely safe.  If you see the “capriolo italicus” munching on leaves, which looks like an exotic dear, do not go near because it is an endangered species.  You might also catch a glimpse of a badger or a martin, or any number of wild cats. Of course for those of you who want to lay down a blanket in the deep forest and bird watch, you will see a plentiful array, from woodpeckers, to owls to thrushes.  This forest has a lot to offer, and as we’ve said before it is quite amazing how close it is to the beaches and ocean life of the town of Vieste.  THis holiday destination truly has something for everyone!

You may decide to merely visit the Umbra forest in Gargano to relax, but for those who want to learn something about this beautiful place near their Vieste holiday spot there is a museum which describes all of the trees, flowers, plant life, and animal life in the forest.  Some people decide to visit the museum first, and then use their trip into the forest as a bit of a scavenger hunt – setting off to find particular flowers or birds or wildlife.

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