The easy part is over.  You chose a Vieste resort for your holiday vacation, which was a great choice.  We would say it was actually quite an easy choice.  You almost can’t go wrong with a Vieste resort, since they offer so much to do and are often situated perfectly within the town.  So in many ways the decision to choose a Vieste resort was not that hard.  But now you have to decide what you will do while you are on your holiday vacation, and that is the hard part.

Keep in mind that Vieste offers a lot more than you might think, even though it is a relatively small vacation town.  You will have to choose among many different possibilities, and you will have to decide whether you want to return soon if you don;t get to it all.  In some cases factors such as the weather will guide you, but most of the time it will be important for you to make an educated plan about what you will do, and thus this section.

One common question people ask is how far in advance they have to decide what to do in Vieste, or whether they can wait until the last minute to plan, or even wait until they get there.  That is actually one of the great advantages of this particular holiday destination in that it is not crowded and too busy so it is okay to wait until you get there to ask the locals or other travelers what is “hot”.  Planning in advance may not be for everyone, and is certainly not necessary here.  But if you do like to plan in advance, keep the following categories in mind:

1. Beach, town, or nature – which one is for you?

2. Vieste proper or the surrounding Gargano and Puglia areas?

3. Active or relaxing activities?

4. Morning, afternoon or night for most of your formal to do list

5. Price – are you willing to spend a lot on your to-do list

These are just some of what you need to ask yourself to build your Vieste to do list; for a small holiday vacation town, this ocean side gem has a lot to offer!  Feel free to offer your own to-do list in the comments section below, whether you are planning a trip to Vieste, returning from a holiday vacation, or live locally to this wonderful town.

So much to do in Vieste, in the end you’ll want to choose carefully!

Vieste Gratuities

A common question that many travelers ask about their destinations is how much they might be expected to tip their servers and those providing a service, and which people expect a tip in the first place. Vieste is no exception, and we can provide some advice about who to tip and how much. The bottom line answer is that anyone in Vieste who provides you a service where there may be some variability in the quality and/or quality of what you receive may deserve a tip. This could include the service staff at a Vieste restaurant, a cab driver who gets you where you want to go quickly and smoothly, or the hotel worker who brings up your suitcase or provides you with extra pillows when you ask.

But is tipping expected by the less common service providers? Does the person with a food stand in Vieste expect a tip? Does the friendly store owner who gives you directions expect a tip? Should you definitely tip the street performer who dies a nice job. Our simple answer is that Vieste Italy is a place where those who lie and work there appreciate tourists and tourism and are happy to have you there. It is wonderful to go to Vieste Italy with the idea that you want to do your small part in helping this dynamic stay that way, and to show your appreciation for the fact that unlike some destinations you ae truly welcomed in Vieste. Tipping is one way of doing this.

But how much to tip which people? The easiest answer comes when the service cost you money, such as when you go to a Vieste restaurant. In these cases we suggest 10% for simple service like food delivery, and 20% for more complicated service such as tipping a food server. But what should you give the person who goes out of their way to help you with directions or advice, and what about something less tangible like the person who picks out the perfect stand up paddle board for you at the rental place. In these cases think of what is a meaningful amount – what could buy them a nice cup of coffee or a pastry,for example.

Enjoy your trip to this beautiful ocean side town, and make food a part of your enjoyment given the care that the locals put into preparation. You will be glad you did!

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