One of the main reasons people choose to visit Vieste is for its award-winning clear and clean water at its beaches, including Vieste Beach Oasi, Gabbiano Beach Vieste and Vieste Beach Pizzomunno.   The beaches of Vieste are so nice, this page is almost not necessary – you can’t go wrong.  That said, each beach does have its own personality and unique features, and thus we offer the following brief guide.  On this page you will find a general guide to the beach regions in Vieste, Italy, and then a review of the main beaches: Baia di San Felice and Baia do Campi, Spiaggia del Castello and Spiaggia di San Lorenzo, Punta Lunga, Oasi, Gabbiano Beach Vieste, and of course Pizzomunno.  Even that may not be an exhaustive listing, but it is definitely a good place to start!

Beaches in Vieste

If you are generally looking for the best beach for your preferences during your trip to Vieste Italy, you may find what you need at one of these smaller beaches:

Vieste Beaches Baia di San Felice and Baia do Campi

The southern beaches of Vieste ae set up nicely for tourists who want to spend an entire day comfortably on the beach – with rentals of umbrellas and some ocean watercraft.  They have a lot of sand and a lot of room, even when crowded.  Two of the better known southern Vieste beaches are Baia di San Felice and Baia di Campi.

Vieste Beaches Spiaggia del Castello and Spiaggia di San Lorenzo

If you are staying right in town and want an easily accessible yet very nice and comfortable beach with great sights of many of the wonderful history of Vieste, Spiaggia del Castello and Spiaggia di San Lorenzo are great choices.  These beaches also work well if some in your party want to access the town during your beach stay.

Vieste Beach Punta Lunga

For sporting activities near such as windsurfing and a busier and perhaps a younger and sporty crowd, Punta Lunga may be your choice.  This beach also offers wonderful views, soft sand, and crystal clear water.

This is just a brief overview.  People in the town can also point you in the right direction as far as the beach that may offer the best fit for you and your party.

Vieste Beach Oasi

Vieste Beach Oasi gets high marks from travelers and is worth checking out on your next trip.  There are several hotels and resorts near the Oasi beach and you may find that this one if a great place to stay on.  That said, there are opportunities to go to Oasi beach even if you are not staying at one of the hotels right there.  Why not check out Oasi beach in Vieste to see whether you might want to stay at one of its hotels next time?

Gabbiano Beach Vieste 

Gabbiano Beach in Vieste has a wonderful hotel that gets high marks from people from many countries who travel to this lovely holiday town.  With a huge area of sand and a lot of room for the kids, Gabbiano beach may be the perfect choice for those traveling with children.  That said, Gabbiano beach is also good for those who just want to relax – it’s big enough for everyone.

Vieste Beach Pizzomunno

Pizzomunno is the name of a rock on a beach just south of town in Vieste.  The beautiful beach itself is called Castello, and this giant outcrop rises from that beach in a way that can be breathtaking.  The story, or better put legend of this famous Vieste rock involves a young, very strong seaman whose name was Pizzomunno.  He loved a beautiful local girl named Cristalda who had very long beautiful hair.  When Pizzomunno went to the ocean to fish the sirens tried over and over to seduce him with song.  They offered him immortality and endless honor.  However, this young man always returned to his one true love, Cristalda.

One fateful night, when the two were together near the coast, the frustrated sirens attacked Cristalda and pulled her to the bottom of the ocean.  Seriously outnumbered, Pizzomunno could not save her despite his valiant efforts.  His pain changing him to rock – the very rock that sits on this beautiful beach to this day and bears his name.

The story is not completely sad, however, since it is thought that every hundred years his lover Cristalda rises from sea to join him for one night.  No one knows exactly when this is going to happen, though some say it can only happen when no one is looking anyway.  And it is not surprising that many stories have an alternate name for Cristalda: Viste.

This is just one of the many legends that you will hear when you visit the town of Vieste.  These legends are captivating and will make you feel that this town is not only magical but also quite deep in tradition.  The locals enjoy telling the stories, and if you go back more than once you will find that each time the story is told there are differences in the details that make it interesting to hear them again!

Vieste Beaches Summary

We have covered some of the more popular beaches in this post, including Vieste Beaches Baia di San Felice and Baia do Campi, Spiaggia del Castello and Spiaggia di San Lorenzo, Punta Lunga, Oasi, Gabbiano Beach Vieste, and of course Pizzomunno.  This would be the list of Vieste beaches you might put together if you wanted a bucket list of places to go in this lovely holiday town during your stays there.

You can find guides to Vieste beaches elsewhere, including this Gargano travel forum, this Vieste overview from Virtual Tourist, and this great overview of beaches from Puglia and Culture that includes some beaches we did not cover.

We’d love to hear from you if you stayed at one of these wonderful beaches in Vieste recently, and if you found other beach possibilities in Vieste or surrounding areas let us know that as well.

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