A Vieste house, such as a Vieste Bungalow, is perfect if you are staying longer, traveling with a larger group, or just want more space and privacy.  This page give you the information and advice you need to look into a Vieste vacation house to enjoy everything that this wonderful holiday town has to offer.

Since our site is fully independent – we don’t sell timeshares or work directly with anyone who does – so you can trust us to provide you with the latest unbiased help in your search. Purchasing a timeshare in Vieste is a unique investment which requires two layers of research. First, determine if a timeshare is the correct type of investment for you, or are you better off-putting investment money somewhere else and paying for vacations year-to year. Then you need to determine which specific timeshare will give you the best payoff with regard to investment return and fun.

While we cannot be helpful here in the decision about whether your own personal finance situation makes a timshare a good investment, here is a short checklist that may help with the decision about which timeshare to pursue if it is a good idea:

1. Compare maintenance fees. How much of this money is spent on basic and necessary upkeep (yard work, etc.) and how much goes into capital improvements such as putting in a new pool or fitness club when membership expands?  Timeshares in Vieste don;t tend to be the resort type, since this is a ocean side town not a resort city.  Maintenance fees should be reasonable.

2. Are there any unpredictable fees? How many years have they had “Special Assessments” which are charged unpredictably? Why have they been charged, and what is the likelihood of that type of event recurring in the future?  Luckily Vieste is not in an area where there tends to be a lot of storms or other unpredictable events, so fees should be predictable.

3. How much would you have spent on your family vacations otherwise? Timeshares are not a good investment for a speculator because they do not increase in value as fast as most other investments. However, if you figure the cost of vacations you would have taken anyway, they may be an excellent investment.  Of course you have to be sure that you will want to return to Vieste over and over – of course we are biased but do not think that this is a hard decision.

4. Should you buy a timeshare “new” or resale? A timeshare sold to you by a previous owner or a resale company will cost significantly less than a new one purchased from a developer. However, in new and exciting timeshare locations, there may not be “used” units available, and developers have started to add extra perks to their sales to compete with used sellers.

5. Where is the best place within Vieste to own a timeshare?  This answer is actually quite tricky, since you may have a choice between being right on the ocean, being right in the town, or being slight outside the town.  All of these choices come with benefits and drawbacks, and issues such as noise, walkability to where you go most often, size, and view can all be affected by the choice of location within the town.

6. Fixed week .vs. floating week? This depends on your schedule. If you have a clear schedule, such as having kids in school who get the same weeks off, than fixed weeks may be okay for you. Unpredictable work schedules may make a floating week better for you.

Should you do decide to move ahead with buying a timeshare in Vieste, good luck with this exciting choice!  Be sure to do your homework though, because even in a small town like this, your choices may be numerous, and the results may have an effect on your subsequent enjoyment.  That said, one obvious positive about a timeshare in Vieste is that it is harder to go wrong when a town is small and most everything can be walked to, and views from almost anywhere tend to be excellent.

We invite anyone who has looked into or bought a timeshare in this or a similar town to share their experiences in the comments section, especially if your experience might help guide or advise others.  Keep in mind that as a fully independent site we cannot accept comments or solicitations from anyone selling or renting a timeshare.

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