Hotel Seggio Vieste is a beautiful place to stay if you are visiting this holiday town, and given how it stands out from many other oiptions we wanted to bring you a specific review of this accommodation. Vieste Hotel Seggio is actually built in to one of the more prominent of the cliffs that overlook the Adriatic Sea, so obviously you will be treated to amazing views. The Seggio Hotel building itself is almost 400 years old, but of course it has been updated as necessary.

Hotel il Seggio Vieste Overview

The lure of the Hotel Seggio in Vieste Italy goes beyond it’s views and historic relevance. The location of the Seggio Hotel Vieste is amazing – just meters from the popular Museo Malacologico di Anna Ragno C. S. A. S. and about a kilometer or less from the Lighthouse which is not to be missed.

Despite the age of the hotel the comfort level is unmatched. The rooms are far from plain, with wonderful artwork in each. Of course they also have plenty of modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi, large TV sets, room service, a pool, a gym, a private beach, and minibars. The restaurant matches the quality of the rest of the hotel, with high ceilings and high quality food, and breakfast may be free so you won’t miss out.

If you want a deluxe accommodation at the Hotel Seggio Vieste you may find yourself enjoying the architecture of exposed beams. We would suggest that you book far ahead for the Seggio Hotel in Vieste Italy and try to get one of the rooms on the ocean side that has a balcony. If you are planning to stay for a while or are traveling with a larger family, the Hotel Seggio also has apartments with full kitchens that are comfortable for a longer stay.

Hotel Seggio Vieste Reviews

So what is it that tourists love about Hotel il Seggio Vieste. We have looked at many of the review sites and found some of the common threads among what people have reported as great features of Hotel Seggio Vieste:

1. Fantastic value. Many reviews mention prices that even during the busier season seemed like quite a good value, especially for the location and amenities. Even the desired sea view rooms were priced quite reasonably.
2. Speaking of the sea view rooms, people found the views fantastic at the Hotel Seggio Vieste. Those who are looking to be close to the ocean because they love the look and feel of the coast may really love this choice.
3. The food was often noted as very good, and the lunch and dinner faire appealed to many with different tastes.
4. The staff at Hotel il Seggio Vieste were friendly, and while most guests spoke Italian we imagine that many reading this speak English – and the hotel does its best to have enough staff who know at least enough English to make sure everyone is comfortable.
5. The water features of Hotel Seggio Vieste were mentioned as very nice. The hotel has a pool (noted to be a little small) that is well kept, and the hotel features a shallow bay that may be perfect for many who like wading, perhaps especially people with kids.
In summary, people liked the Hotel il Seggio Vieste both for its traditional amenities and its fit with the charm and culture of this wonderful holiday town.

Hotel il Seggio Vieste Value

As noted above, Hotel Seggio Vieste is viewed as a strong year-round value. You can expect to pay as little at 50-70 Euros for your stay in the less than peak times.
If you stay in the Hotel Seggio Vieste please let us know how it goes!
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