Choosing the Best Hotels in Vieste Italy

Choosing among the Vieste Hotels is key to your holiday vacation.  You will want a good value, fair price, and great location.  The decision about which one of the Vieste Italy hotels you will stay at while on your holiday vacation is not simple, however, since this wonderful town has many unique areas and many types of place to stay.  Do you want to be near the beach, or would you rather be in the middle of town?  Do you want to be further from the noise of where everything is going on, or do you prefer to be in the middle of it all?  Do you want to have a view of nature, or a view of the ocean.  Or do you want to pay the least amount possible so you can save your money for the fun stuff outside whichever one of the hotels in Vieste you choose.

Vieste Italy hotels checklist

The following is the minimum amount of information you should gather about your prospective Vieste hotels:

Vieste Italy hotels and Occupancy

OCCUPANCY LIMITS: You may want to know how many people can you bring if you want to have a get together in your choice of Vieste Italy hotels.  This might be important if you ever throw a party or want to bring more than your kids to your accommodation.  Or, on the other hand, you may want your hotels in Vieste Italy to have limits to ensure that your neighbors do not have big parties.

OCCUPANCY RULES: Do they allow pets, for example, which could sway you either way depending if you are going to bring your own pet to your hotels in Vieste Italy, or if you do not want to start somewhere where pets are allowed.  Does the hotel put families with children in rooms away from guests visiting as singles or couples so that the noise is lower in some areas.  These are questions that are important to some people.  Are there quiet times or other rules that favor people who want to get rest?

HOW FULL ARE THEY?  Occupancy is a measure of popularity and reputation – you probably want to shy away from Vieste hotels that has comparably low vacancy.  Of course every once in a while there is an exception and you might find a high quality hotel or other accommodation that happens to have low occupancy at the moment.

FRI/FRI or SAT/SAT or SUN/SUN: For hotels is Vieste Italy that offer weekly discounts you want to know what days they run – particularly important if you want to go to when the kids are on holiday from school – Fri to Fri may not work as well.

Vieste Hotels and Amenities

FOOD and AMENITIES: Room service availability, quality and price is something you should compare, all else being equal.  You may also want to compare other amenities such as internet availability and exercise rooms depending on your needs.  While the beautiful town of Vieste Italy has a lot to offer, you will still be spending time in your hotel and you should be sure you will be comfortable.

REPUTATION FOR SERVICE: One of the most important aspects of your Vieste Italy hotels you can look up beforehand is their reputation for service.  The degree to which they are responsive to their customers’ needs is an excellent measure of the overall quality of the hotel and how hard they will try to be an enjoyable and comfortable part of your holiday.

Hotels in Vieste Italy and location

FLOOR and BUILDING: Do you want to be high up to have a view of the beautiful Ocean, or low to be able to get into town places more quickly in your chosen accommodation.  Do not overlook this step since the region has a lot to offer as far as its views.  You will also want to know which way your room faces – what will your view be like and what will the noise level be from outside?

UNIT SIZE: You should get the square footage, particularly if you will be staying awhile.  There can be great variability – and you may need to balance the optimal location (where square footage may be lower) against the size of the accommodation.

Hotels in Vieste Italy: Other Considerations

Aside from the above you may want to choose one of the Vieste Hotels that seems to match the personality that you are looking for during your travels to the region.  Do you want your experience in one of the hotels in Vieste to feel like you are staying in a quaint family owned place, or do you want the hustle and bustle of a larger accommodation that may have more amenities.  Also look for the degree to which the people who typically stay at the Vieste hotels you are considering match your own travel party – if you are traveling with kids do you want your hotel in Vieste to seem to serve a lot of families like yours?  On the other hand if you enjoy relative peace and quiet maybe you do not want your choice among the hotels in Vieste Italy to have a lot of young families.

You might also want to be sure you carefully choose the location of any Vieste Italy hotels you are considering.  This town is not big but it is varied as far as what different locations have to offer, as you’ve seen on our other pages.  On the other hand, perhaps you will return soon and try a different accommodation – it may not be so much about choosing the best place, but rather experiencing different accommodations that are all excellent!

Lonely Planet does a nice job with a varied hotel listing for Vieste 

Vieste Hotels Reviews

Please note that we are not an affiliate site and we do not make any money if you click the hotels in Vieste Italy listed below.  They are meant to be examples of some of the better known and higher quality Vieste hotels, but this is by no means an exhaustive listing.

The Palace Hotel Vieste is a four floor luxury hotel located in the center of the town.  It is thus near the beach and museums, particularly the Archaeological Civic Museum and Pizzomunno.  Of course it is also near the harbor and Cathedral.  With the usual amenities plus some special features such as rainfall shower heads, 24 hour room service, free breakfast, and childcare services this hotel in Vieste Italy can be a great choice for a wide variety of traveler.

Hotel Magnolia is also an excellent choice and is also near the center of town.  Like the listing above this Vieste hotel is also close the Cathedral and Archaeological Civic Museum, as well as popular Portonuovo Beach.  This accommodation has a seasonal outdoor pool, a bar/lounge, and minibars in the rooms.  Free breakfast is often available, and you may want to see if you can get a room with a balcony.  Like many hotels in Vieste Italy this one is medium-sized, with only 46 rooms.

Hotel i Melograni is a large accommodation that has two building totalling 110 rooms.  Of course each room has the standard amenities including TVs, hair dryers, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and mini bars.  They also have verandas.  If you are traveling with children you will appreciate that Hotal i Melograni is child friendly, such as having children’s games you can take back to the room or play in the TV room and children’s equipment outside.  The on-site food is excellent, with a bar and restaurant that serves traditional Italian food.  This hotel is on the water, with an outdoor pool, playground, and beach with a snack bar.

Hotel Seggio is a three star hotel located in the old section of downtown Vieste.  And of course given how this lovely town is not too large, you will also be close to the beach if you make this choice.  The building is charming and old, dating back to the 1600s.  Hotel Seggio is on the smaller side of hotels in Vieste, with 30 guest rooms available.  Despite how rustic and historical the building is you’ll still get all the modern amenities you need including private bathrooms, TVs, refrigerator and bar, and air-conditioning.  The on site amenities are impressive and include a TV room, restaurant on-site, fitness center, and swimming pool.

Vieste Italy Hotels Conclusion:

Your choice of a Vieste hotels will be one key to your happiness during your holiday, so make sure to have enough information before you start so you don’t waste your time.  Of course even if your choice among the hotels in Vieste is less than perfect, there is so much wonder and beauty in this ocean side Italian town and surrounding Gargano that you should still have a wonderful holiday vacation.  But to get the best accommodation as well, this page should help a bit.

And don’t forget to visit out “Vieste Village Guide” for information about activities outside your chosen holiday accommodation.  Best of luck as choose among Vieste Italy hotels.  We hope those who have stayed in the area recently will use the comments section to describe their experience in as far as hotels in Vieste Italy.

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