While we know that most of our visitors are likely looking for accommodations such as hotels in Vieste or perhaps time shares, we are also aware of the fact that there are some people who are looking to stay much longer or even move temporarily or permanently to this beautiful holiday town.  We wanted to make sure we were not leaving this long-term stay group out, so we offer this page which will cover apartments and town homes in Vieste.

The choice of an apartment in Vieste is challenging.  While on the one hand we’d like to say that you can’t go wrong – this ocean side town offers so much history, fun, and activity that you can be almost anywhere and fully enjoy yourself – when you are choosing something more permanent for a longer stay you have to be even more cognizant of the differences in location.  Thus we offer the following pointers:

1. Look for an established apartment complex in Vieste.  Those apartments in Vieste that are recently built and developed may carry risks of not being around long.  The newer the complex, the more likely it might not be sustained or that a new management will come in.  Alternatively, if you are very interested in a newer apartment in Vieste, at least make sure that the development company and management have other complexes, ideally in Vieste but at least in Gargano or Puglia.

2. Choose your location wisely.  You will likely be balancing cost and size as you choose your location, given that you will have a choice between being near the beach, in the middle of town, or slight outside town where it is quiet.  Know what is most important to you and also what could present a problem.  These choices of location come with benefits, risks, and drawbacks.  Think about noise, distance to where you will be visiting most often, size, view, and likely neighbors.

3. When you consider price, be aware of the fact that you almost always get what you pay for in a Vieste apartment.  Location within the town of Vieste, size of the apartment, the view from your windows, and the amenities offered will all guide price.  You have to decide exactly what you want to be fussy about – do you absolutely want a great view of the ocean, or is a location near shops and restaurants what you really want?  Make a list of your priorities and make sure you follow it in your search.

4. Who else lives in that apartment complex?  Remember Vieste is a very diverse region of Puglia and it therefore attracts people for a wide variety of reasons.  If you are going to Vieste to work or write, you may want to be sure that the apartment complex you choose also has professionals.  If you are going to Vieste to take time out ro have fun and meet people, you may actually prefer a more lively crowd.  For all of these reasons it may be good to visit the prospective apartment complex more than one time – during different time of day and days of the week.

5. Do they allow pets in your prospective Vieste apartment?  Vieste is a wonderful place for a dog, with the ocean on one side and forest on the other.  People may choose to bring their dog, or to even get a dog while there. If this is a possibility for you, make sure your prospective Vieste apartment allows dogs.

These are just five simple steps you may take to ensure that the Vieste apartment you choose is the best one for your extended stay in this beautiful oceanside town.  It is certainly not a comprehensive listing, but it should get you started.  Best of luck!



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