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Your Vieste accommodation choices are varied and depend on your own taste.  Vieste is an oceanside town that has a lot to offer individuals, couples, and families.  For a small town there are actually many choices you can make as far as the accommodations you choose.  For example:

  • Villas are quite common accommodations in Vieste chosen by couples and families.  Vieste villas provide a lot of space and many comforts of home, while also being perfect if you are traveling with people staying elsewhere in Vieste or greater Gargano and want to entertain.
  • Rental apartments are the choice of many individuals and couples who are staying in Vieste for an extended period.  These accommodations allow you to truly move into a comfortable living space for a while.
  • Hotels are available in Vieste and the surrounding Gargano area for those who want the traditional vacation holiday amenities during their stay.  These accommodations may be in town or on the beach, and your choice may depend on where you plan to spend the most time.
  • There are also homes for rent in Vieste and the surrounding Gargano area, and these accommodations are popular with larger groups, and for people traveling to Vieste for an event like a wedding.  These homes in Vieste may not be quite as close to town or the beach as the other choices, but they certainly offer a lot of space and comfort.

These are the main choices of Vieste accommodation.  No matter where you choose to stay, you’ve certainly chosen a wonderful holiday destination!

Choosing Your Vieste Accommodation

Many families, couples, and individuals choose to holiday in Vieste, Gargano. But the many choices of Vieste accommodation can be very hard to choose between. Here are some basic things to look for in a Vieste villa or hotel:

  1. Quality and size of the beachfront if the villa or hotel is on the ocean: You’ll want your seaside accommodation to have a large sandy area, and you’ll want to know how crowded that area gets during “peak” times
  2. Activities available nearby: There will be large differences among villas and hotels in Vieste as far as the number of activities available very close by – the better quality ones will have many activities, from snorkeling expeditions to kayak rentals that you can participate in without having to go far.
  3. Service: See if you can find a rating guide online or in a book store. When you stay in Vieste you’ll want to make sure the service matches the beauty of the seaside.
  4. Location: You may be interested in being right near or practically on the beach in Vieste, or you’d rather be in downtown.  It’s also easy to split the difference and be right in between, and be in town near the beach.
  5. Basics: In most hotels, for example, you should find color TVs, hair dryers, refrigerators, air conditioning, and heating in almost any hotel.  Most of the bigger hotels have room service and also have desks for those who are traveling with some work to do.

But what if you still can’t decide?  You may want to look into some details about the different Vieste accommodation choices you have.  Some examples:

  • Some have mini bars, which can be both a good and bad thing since they are convenient but often expensive.
  • Wi-Fi is not available at all Vieste accommodations
  • Some Vieste hotels and bed and breakfasts have the availability of children’s games and other amenities for kids which can be great if you are traveling on your holiday as a family
  • Many Vieste accommodations have pools and restaurants and bars, but the size and quality differs
  • Not every Vieste accommodation has a fitness center, which many people like even though running and walking in Vieste is also a lot of fun
  • Tennis courts are rare but at least one Vieste hotel has one.

These are just some of the differences in Vieste hotel accommodation, and again, these may need to be balanced against the location of the hotel and of course price.  Best of luck in choosing the best accommodation for you for your holiday!

Vieste Accommodation Section Overview

Vieste Italy accommodations include many choices.  Your choice may be merely based on personal or family preference, or it could be easier because of the type of trip you are taking.  We offer information and advice about the various choices as far as Vieste Italy accommodations, with no specific weight given to any one choice, and no opinions  given about which one is better overall.  The question is more about fit than it is about what is the best choice regardless.

We have divided this section into pages that cover the major types of Vieste accommodations as follows:

Vieste hotels goes over the choices in this more traditional accommodation, giving you an overview of what to look for in a Vieste Italy hotel and what the best fit might be depending on who you are traveling with, how long you are staying, and what you hope to do while there.

Vieste bed and breakfasts gives detail for those who want to choose a B&B option that either is specific to Vieste Italy or nearby.  B&Bs offer particular benefits and risks and this page begins to explore what you should look for.

Vieste houses and apartments gives information for both the long-term visitor who will rent an apartment for a while, or those who are only going for a short time but want to sublet an apartment.  This may be the least used option for holiday travelers, but you may find it interesting.

These are the major categories of Vieste Italy accommodation that you can choose for your holiday vacation.  While we do not offer specific suggestions and advice about which one is better overall, we do offer suggestions that might help you match the correct accommodation.  We also invite you to share your own experience and opinion about your Vieste accommodation in the comments section.

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  • December 14, 2016 at 2:52 pm

    Hello, we will rent a apartment for two persons in Vieste from SEPT 09 – SEPT 23

  • January 3, 2017 at 8:03 am

    I would like to book 6 nights accommodation in Vieste from May 17, 2017. I would like a B&B or hotel that has some old world atmosphere and a desk where I can work.


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