Southern Italy is humble, at least when it comes to the Puglia region. You do not see it listed on all top ten listings, and its unlikely you’ll see it listed as winning an award for best this or best that. That may sound surprising on the surface, especially if you’ve had a Southern Italy vacation and even if you’ve merely followed this website for a while. But there is a reason behind the lack of notoriety about Southern Italy holidays, and that has to do with a contentment and an inner tranquility that Southern Italy has about itself.  Of course if you are looking for information about Vieste, our choice as one of the best towns in Southern Italy to holiday, see our page navigation above.

Southern Italy Holidays Overview

Southern Italy, and again we are focusing on the Puglia region, relies on tourism for much of its economic health, but at the same time it knows why people choose this beautiful holiday region for their travels. People who choose Southern Italy Holidays do not want huge crowds and lines and waits for their favorite activity or restaurant. Rather they want excitement that is wrapped in quiet comfort. Some, if they saw the Puglia region promoting itself as an award-winning travel destination, or a top ten place to visit might be turned off, afraid that the crowds are coming.

So this lovely holiday vacation destination does not promote itself and turns down opportunities to be a part of awards and top 10 lists. Instead they rely on word of mouth and websites like us to independently and reliably review what there is to enjoy. That has always been enough and will likely continue to be enough to attract those individuals, couples, and families that are a perfect fit for it.

You can choose an award-winning destination just like many others will likely do, and you can hope that the award was reputable and accurate as far as your hopes for your vacation stay. Or you can make a more independent choice based on homework and unbiased research, and thereby land at a Southern Italy, Puglia region vacation spot.

In this post we talk about some general attractions related to Southern Italy Holidays.  Here is a great article that focuses on the Puglia Region of Italy and if you decide to go or you want to go to southern Italy but are not sure exactly where (or you are looking into tours of Southern Italy), here is a great site with maps of the Southern Region of Italy.

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Southern Italy Vacations and Crime

This could be one of our shortest sections about lovely Southern Italy. There is very little crime in this beautiful holiday region, less than a wide variety of places you could travel to in Europe or Italy itself. It is not crowded and there are not “bad” parts of town that you need to avoid. You can generally walk around alone or at night. And while you should always lock you apartment, villa, or hotel room, you may feel like it’s not necessary.

But the longer answer is that there are some things to be careful about when you travel to any vacation spot, and Southern Italy is no exception. There are certainly those who will quietly try to take your wallet, whether through picking your pocket or taking it out of your pocketbook if you are not careful. There may not be crime that is aggressive, but there is this kind of quieter crime like there is everywhere – tourists are known to carry cash with them. And of course there is the uncommon but possible occurrence involving a person finding valuables missing in their hotel room, so you should still use a safe if there is one. And there are certainly instances where an unlocked car was gone through for valuables.

Types of Crime in Southern Italy

In this region of Italy there is also more white-collar type crimes, such as sales of valuables that are fake or not what they appear. And there can be scams where you pay for a certain activity and it never happens. Just be aware of what you are doing, frequent only reputable places that appear in travel guides like this one, and do not take for granted that the beauty and general safety of Southern Italy holidays means there is absolutely no criminal activity. It may be more subtle than most places but we’d be naive to say it does not exist at all.

Southern Italy Holidays and Singles

Perhaps you are single and planning to travel to Europe, or maybe you and a single friend or two are traveling together.  You may be asking yourself if Southern Italy is a good holiday vacation spot for singles.  The short answer is absolutely yes, given that this region attracts a wide variety of people from all corners of the globe, and offers plenty of places to meet new people. And then if you do meet someone, you can do a lot of fun, romantic, and exciting things on your Southern Italy vacation with your new friend.

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But how does this region compare to other places as far as the likelihood you will meet a single person? That is a more complicated question. One easy answer is that this is likely not a place a 20 something, especially a young 20 something is likely to find more singles like him or her than more traditional destinations. But for those who are a little older and going on a vacation from work, you may find other singles in the same boat. In fact, you may even find some who have decided to stay in in the Puglia area and work there!

Southern Italy holidays also bring local singles who live in non-coastal regions of Puglia or Gargano and want to enjoy the beautiful beach, traditional celebrations, or wonderful food in the seaside regions of Southern Italy. They may not be there every day, but if your timing is right you may meet a person from the surrounding area – whether they live there or are just vacationing there – during a celebration or on a particularly good beach day.

Finally, you may find more singles in the region during certain times of year. For example, while families tend to take Southern Italy holidays when the weather is hot and perfect to keep the kids busy at the beach, older singles may go during other times when t hey can enjoy the finer things vacations in Southern Italy has to offer.

Southern Italy Vacations Summary

Southern Italy holidays have a lot to offer, and you will find information about many different parts of the region in this blog, and of course a ton of information specifically about one of the great towns of the Southern Italy, Vieste, on our pages.  We look forward to your feedback about your own Southern Italy vacations, or your questions should you be planning a Southern Italy holiday soon.

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