Sannicandro Di Bari is a great holiday destination.  Like Vieste, Sannicandro Di Bari is on the southeastern coast of Italy, so it offers some of the same wonderful beaches, great weather, and fun nightlife as our main attraction.  From Maplandia we have a great map of this region.

Sannicandro Di Bari is smaller than some of the other areas we cover, and it is much less populated with tourists.  If you want to stay at Sannicandro Di Bari you will need to choose between a B&B or an apartment rental, or you could stay a few miles away in a hotel.

Sannicandro Di Bari Overview

Many of you may have either already been to Vieste, or have looked into it before as a possible holiday vacation destination.  Here we always want to provide the very latest news and information about a related small oceanside Italian town, Sannicandro Di Bari.  Like Vieste, Sannicandro Di Bari has actually seen few huge changes, with most of the major sites, restaurants, hotels, and beaches staying open and in great shape.  In fact, with an improving economy the main changes in this holiday town have been updates and improvements that are more subtle but might make your stay that much more comfortable, secure, or enjoyable.

Facebook has a great page about things to do in the region.

Visiting Sannicandro Di Bari

Many of the sights we cover here in this Sannicandro Di Bari travel guide are man-made wonders, such as the cathedral and other historical places.  And if that was all there was to see in Sannicandro Di Bari, you’d still have a wonderful and informative time.  Yet Sannicandro Di Bari also offers natural wonders to check out on self-tours, and if you love nature or even just art you will love the natural beauty you can see at this holiday town.  Don’t miss the Sannicandro Di Bari Castle!

For some of you, Sannicandro Di Bari is merely a day trip destination.  Perhaps you are staying somewhere in Gargano or Puglia and you are happy with your location but want to just check out Sannicandro Di Bari for a day or two.  Or perhaps you are staying someplace nearby Sannicandro Di Bari in Italy and you want to check out this holiday town to see whether you might spend an entire week here at some point in the future.  Either way, we can help you choose what to do in Sannicandro Di Bari if you only have one day.  These choices basically revolve around what is so unique that you are unlikely to be able to do them anywhere else.

Planning Your Trip to Sannicandro Di Bari

Of course the most obvious time to go to Sannicandro Di Bari is during the summer when the water is warm and there are an abundance of outdoor activities.  That said, there are other times to enjoy as well, including spring.

Sannicandro Di Bari remains a popular – but not too popular – destination for a wide variety of travelers.  Your choice of when to go to Sannicandro Di Bari may have to do with a lot of factors, but in spring you should know that in summer this wonderful holiday town will be bustling with all types of traveler, including families with children, young adults, groups, and older adults.  That is what happens in the summer in any ocean side town, and especially a wonderful little holiday destination.  For some of you, the idea of there being many children and families is actually not what you want because you are looking for quiet and tranquility, something that this town does offer a lot of the year but not all summer.  But you want to go to the beach just the same.  Thus the spring may be the perfect time for you to travel to Sannicandro Di Bari – when it warms up but before school gets out.

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Should you decide to travel to Sannicandro Di Bari in the spring you will find that most everything is open – even many places that do their best business in the summer – yet the town is not too crowded and is quite relaxing.  The food remains top-notch and there are many activities to enjoy.  And the surrounding areas of Puglia and Gargano are enjoyable as well.  Of course on the flip side if you are traveling with children or you are a young adult looking for a social scene, you may find that this is not as ideal a time as summer for your travels.

Sannicandro Di Bari Places to Stay

There are basically two options as far as where to stay in Sannicandro Di Bari: Bed and Breakfast and Apartment rentals.  Both possibilities can be excellent under the right circumstances.  Apartments in Sannicandro Di Bari might be the best choice if you are staying for a longer time, like your privacy, are traveling with a medium to large family, or like to be independent.  A bed and breakfast in Sannicandro Di Bari may be a good choice if you want to really experience the culture, meet people, enjoy homemade traditional food, and are traveling alone or as a couple small family.

Some examples of your choices include:

Bed and Breakfast Girasole

This is a wonderful choice since it is large, has all the amenities you might want and is in a fantastic location.  The B&B Girasole is a very short walk to the center of the city yet it has good parking and is private.  The rooms are large and you can both enjoy the meals made for you or use the kitchen to prepare your own meals.  There is a comfortable balcony and a wonderful second floor terrace.  There are only three families staying at any given time at this Bed and Breakfast so you will get some privacy.  And of course it has all the modern amenities from wifi to air conditioning to a dry cleaning service.

Villa Nella Bed and Breakfast

This choice is great for those who don’t mind being a little further from the city center but want more amenities including a pool and spa and room service.  Villa Nella Bed & Breakfast has three large double bedrooms plus one extra large quadruple bedroom.  Somehow they manage to combine cozy with large and comfortable at the Villa Nella B&B.  Each room has a large TV and large private bathrooms.  Outside there are expansive gardens and a swimming pool near an orange grove.  There is even a pub which serves great food.

Sannicandro Di Bari Tours

Sannicandro Di Bari is a small holiday town that has a lot to offer.  But many people who travel to Italy and to Sannicandro Di Bari itself want to take in some of the history of this town, and do some sightseeing tours before they leave.  This town is quite rich in history and there are incredibly interesting things to learn, whether you are traveling with children and want them to learn something on the trip, or you just want to get a deeper appreciation for this town and this whole area of Italy.  The great thing is that the town of Sannicandro Di Bari is so small that taking in many of the historical sightseeing opportunities does not take long and does not require a lot of in between travel.

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For those who are staying a week or more in Sannicandro Di Bari Italy, you could very easily choose the day with the most challenging weather to do your sightseeing because much of it takes place indoors.  You could also do some sightseeing during the morning or late afternoon before or after you go to the beach and so that you do not miss out on nightlife or other fun.  Whether you decide to go on a tour that brings you to every great sight in Sannicandro Di Bari but only briefly, or you decide to go on one that will focus on just a few but allow you more time at each, you will be able to cover a lot of sightseeing in a small amount of time.

There are also modified tours, such as those that focus on food destination as opposed to historical ones, or those that require a little bit of sport such as climbing or hiking.  There are tours of Vieste by land and also be air, and you may even find some that do both.   And finally you may find Sannicandro Di Bari sightseeing tours that are specifically designed for children and those which are tailored mostly to adults.

Sannicandro Di Bari Summary

Sannicandro Di Bari is one of the cleanest places you can visit, from the water to the streets, and the local people are quite proud of this.  Nothing has changed in that regard.  Over the past year a few new cafes and markets have opened, but the streets are still open and not cluttered, and this vacation town does not feel crowded or hard to get around.  You may notice a few more travelers if you’ve been to there recently, since an improving economy in places like the U’S. have attracted more people to this holiday destination, Sannicandro Di Bari.

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  • February 6, 2016 at 6:30 pm

    Hello, your blog is very interesting so now are interested in visiting Vieste in September and October. We’ll be coming from Canada. Can you tell me what the weather is like at that time of year and whether the town is “open” for tourists or if many shops and restaurants are closed then?
    Could you also let me know if the town is relatively flat with not too many steps or steep hills as I have slight mobility challenges. I do not need a wheelchair, I can walk a long way but can’t manage steep hills or lots of steps.
    We have visited Calabria which is lovely but it was too difficult for me to get to the beaches.


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