The Restaurants and Bars in Vieste Italy

There are many choices as far as restaurants in Vieste, differing as far as the food they serve, their atmosphere, and price.  You may want to try many different eateries, or perhaps you are someone who likes to arrive at a few favorites and stick with them.  Either way, we wanted to bring you a list of the best quality restaurants in Vieste  to eat, as follows:

Box 19 is a bit like its name – boxy and often crowded. But that is no accident. The food, especially the seafood, at this Vieste restaurant is out of this world. This one is not to be missed.  If you do not mind the crowd, if you are even particularly interested in meeting other travelers from near and far, then Box 19 may be for you.  This is one to at least try if you want a guaranteed good meal.

Al Cantinone is more for couples and groups of adults, with high-class food and atmosphere. Wait until you see how your food is presented – you won’t want to disturb the beauty on your plate. If you can, meet one of the two owners, they are a wonderful couple!  This Vieste restaurant  is likely not for the children, and may not be for every night you are there given the prices and the need look nice, but the food is terrific!

Al Dragone is well-known for its artistic interior and intimate layout. This eatery changes with the seasons but one things stays constant: The quality of the food!  You will enjoy this restaurant no matter your taste, given the creativity and care they put in.  And you may find that if you do frequent this Vieste restaurant often it is never the same twice – but always quite good.

Al Duomo is not easy to find, even though it is very centrally located. Find it though, and consider sitting outside. Pasta and seafood are the specialty here.  This Vieste restaurant quite often becomes a repeat favorite for some travelers given how wonderful both the atmosphere and the food is, and how it can feel like a secret treasure.

Enoteca Vesta is nestled in a cave and is perhaps most attractive to any wine lover in your group. But don’t be fooled, the food is absolutely terrific as well.  If you like a slightly adventurous atmosphere and a cool and relaxing meal, this Vieste restaurant may become your own repeat favorite.

Pelikano is a restaurant that few people miss given its central location near the beach. A wonderful resort style restaurant that is great for all travelers. Though their menu is widely varied, almost everything is absolutely wonderful.  This one is great for all, but particularly popular for families and younger couples who spend a lot of time on the beach and want a place where everyone can order a favorite dish.

La Ripa is a great restaurant for a family meal. It can be loud with laughter and appears almost ancient inside, but wonderfully so. The food is terrific, and mostly home-grown and organic. What is not grown and raised in Vieste is taken from somewhere nearby.  You may love the hometown feel of this Vieste restaurant, and we suggest that you try it at least once.

Vecchia Vieste is truly cosy and romantic for the traveler to Vieste, with a wide variety of dishes. This wonderful restaurant is reliable and fun, and very popular for couples and singles who travel to this beautiful town.  You will not want to leave the comfort of this one!

hese are the main restaurants of Vieste, but we have likely missed some.  That does not mean that those are not worthy, and we hope that if you travel to Vieste or live there you will feel free to provide additional information and tips in the comments section.

Choosing a Vieste Restaurant

One of the great things about any trip to Italy has got to be the food. Most places in this wonderful country have terrific restaurants, lovely cafe’s and markets where you can buy anything you need to make a snack or whole meal yourself. Vieste is no exception, offering both traditional Italian food and also a more distinct local menu. We hope to provide some helpful guidance as you plan your meals for your trip.

You don’t have to eat out every meal in Vieste to enjoy the food. Perhaps that would be fun, but it would also be expensive.  Choose a favorite or try a bunch. You’ll definitely find a restaurant that fits your taste in both atmosphere and food. And if you choose an establishment that we don;t have listed, please let us know how it was!

But beyond these more formal eating establishments you’ll also find some wonderful ways to enjoy the local food. There are any number of cafes in Vieste, and closely related carts in the streets. These places are more popular for breakfast, lunch of a snack, and can be a quite enjoyable, and less expensive, way to enjoy the town and people watch. And don’t discount the quality of the food you can get at one of these smaller cafes or carts. It can still be quite good and quite filling! You will also save a bit of money by mixing in these less expensive choices.

You can also make your own meals, or buy pre-made meals you can heat up yourself at one of the markets in Vieste. There you will find food that is quite fresh and often caught or picked locally. The people who work at these markets and stores will help you pick out just what you need, and can guide you on preparation. Augmenting your trips to restaurants and cafes by cooking some of your own meals can make your trip more fun and cheaper. And it may save you time that you can use to do the other great stuff in this holiday vacation town.

One way or another you will enjoy the culinary experience of Vieste very much, and then of course you can also go to the surrounding areas in Gragano and all of Puglia for even more variety. People often plan carefully for where they are going to stay and what they are going to do on a trip, but you may also want to play for what and where you are going to eat if you are going to Vieste.

We would love to hear from any visitors to Vieste about where you ate and what you ate and how it was. While we cannot accept any posts from the restaurants and cafes of Vieste in order to remain an unbiased site, we certainly can accept customer reviews. The places to eat in Vieste are counting on your word of mouth promotion, and this is your chance!


Vieste, Italy Cafes

You may find that it gets too expensive or even perhaps too time-consuming to eat in a restaurant for all meals in Vieste. For most tourists beyond those who are specifically travelling to this beautiful holiday destination specifically to try the food, there is a need to eat on the go, and to find cheaper alternatives to restaurants. Cafes provide exactly that opportunity, and there are plenty of them in Vieste. How to we differentiate a café from a restaurant? Basically if there will generally just be two steps – ordering and getting one round of food, it is a café. In most restaurants multiple courses are often offered – at least two.

So how to choose the best café in Vieste? It’s hard for us to provide specific advice since unlike Vieste restaurants cafes change a bit and new ones may come on line – or older ones may change their names. Basically you may have to decide on the fly, and here are our suggestions that might help you make that choice:

1. How much do they make on site and how much do they bring in – we are referring to everything from breads to sauces. A café that is merely buying food at the local market may not be as desirable as the one buying ingredients and making things homemade.

2. How crowded is the Vieste café? People tend to frequent cafes more than restaurants, especially those who live in Vieste or will be staying there longer. A high quality café will build a loyal following and a good crowd.

3. The menu: Is it eclectic and broad or quite specific? This may not differentiate Vieste cafes on the basis of quality, but it might help you decide which one will meet you own taste.

These are just a few of the ways to choose one of the many Vieste cafes. Here are a few examples of the cafes you can enjoy:

– Bar Gelateria Ruggieri may not technically be a cafe in the traditional sense, but it offers the basics that a cafe would offer plus a huge selection of delicious gelato. On a hot day this cafe can be very refreshing, and is quite obviously great for everyone from kids to adults.

– Osteria Degli Angeli is a full service pizza place that has the feel of a cafe. In a beautiful location in town with picturesque views, this cafe is not to missed – a great place to grab a bite on a warm day, and perfect for those who want the simplicity of pizza.

– Casa della Bruschetta is a nice place to stop if you want a filling snack or a whole meal. Known for its Bruschetta, there is something for everyone at this cafe. This one is very popular with celebrities, and the pizza gets very high marks.

Mixing in cafe dining with restaurants and perhaps making your own meals from local food is a great way to enjoy everything this wonderful holiday town has to offer. Some people take to the faces so much that they find them a great way to eat more healthy and light and save money, while also being closer to the action than when they go to an indoor restaurant. Others like to mix in cafes just for lunch or a snack. No matter what, make it a point to try on of these places on your next visit, and please let us know below what you thought of the food or atmosphere or both.


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