Puglia Italy is a region of the country in Southern Italy on the Eastern side. Of course this is the region where Vieste is located as well. Our Puglia Travel Guide will show you how much the region has to offer, a varied mix of places to go and amazing things to see. Perhaps you would travel to Vieste and use that town as your base as you explore outward to Puglia beaches, or you could do a tour within the region, maybe hopping from one Puglia B&B to the other to enjoy may parts of the region.  One way or another, no matter what your interests, you will love this particular region almost no matter what your travel interests.

This region is the easternmost set of provinces in all of Italy, and is the longest region on either coast. As you can imagine, Puglia Italy travel is known for its beaches both on the Ionian and Adriatic seas. The region is flat, made up mostly of plains and forests to the west of its beaches. Puglia travel can be fun, relaxing and exciting all at once!

Puglia Travel Tours

One of the great things about Puglia Italy is the variety of what you will find in the region. You can go to a large olive grove one day and enjoy the interior landscapes which can be breathtaking, and then the next day you might decide to fo to the ocean where you can find everything from beautiful beaches to wonderful rock formations. And aside from Vieste you can find great towns, each with their own memorable personality along the way. And if you like history, you can find all sorts of historical monuments and ruins, as well as amazing traditions that have been passed on through the generations. Whether Vieste will be a place you stop or a home base as you venture outwards, we wanted to provide information about Puglia hotels, beaches, and festivals for those thinking of traveling to the region

Puglia Italy Map

The Puglia Italy map is divided into six regions, each of which has a slightly different culture and feel. These regions include Foggia (the biggest one), Bari, Barletta-Andria-Trani ( the smallest), Brindisi, Foggia, Lecce, and Taranto. There are names for more general regions of Puglia, such as the hilly area which is referred to as Le Murge and the plains called Terra di Bari and the Tavoliere. All of Puglia is fairly densely populated as compared to similar regions, and its main industry is agriculture (you should try the native tomatoes, olives, eggplants, and artichokes. There are also wonderful citrus groves. Of course on the coastal region tourism is a huge industry as well. You may want to visit the different regions during your Puglia travel, or just concentrate on one each time you visit.

Puglia Italy Vacations

Many people try to imagine their upcoming Puglia vacation by planning out their days or their entire trip. They look through travel guides, talk to people who have been there, or remember their own trip there or to similar places. It is often hard to imagine what the trip will be like, however, until you actually get there. On this page we aim to help with that process by planing out a typical day in this wonderful holiday destination. Of course your days might differ – the great thing about this vacation town is that there are so many things to do!

Puglia Italy To Do:

Since you have already experienced the wonderful home-made pastries in you own Puglia hotel, you decide to venture out to get breakfast at a local eatery. You decide on a small place, obviously family owned and run, and you have a mix of wonderful Italian breads and eggs and meat cooked to order. You choose to eat outside of course, and you watch as the town wakes up and locals and other travelers like yourself begin to occupy the streets. Everyone looks relaxed and happy. The climate is comfortable – warm enough to allow you to sit outside but you still wear a sweatshirt to stay cozy.

It’s not yet hot so you decide to wait to go to the beach. Instead you go to one of many historical spots in the town, the castle. There you can imagine what it was like for this coastal fishing village at a time when they occasionally had to fend off attacks from the sea. You also imagine that even back then the locals were as friendly and welcoming as they are now. A pleasant tour guide tells you a lot about the history of Puglia Italy, and of the surrounding Gargano region. Like every other time you’ve decided to learn something while here, you learn something new and interesting that makes you appreciate the area even more.

Puglia Beaches:

After you’ve gone on a quick tour and while you are still full from your morning breakfast its a great time to go down to the beach and relax. The beaches are not crowded or noisy, and you can bring a book or puzzle and just relax and enjoy the sun and sights. In the late morning it will be warm enough to be comfortable but not so hot that you’ll be uncomfortable. The water is cool and refreshing if you want to take a dip, and remember that its won awards for how pure and clean it is. You may run into others who you’ve met during your holiday in Vieste on the beach, but generally it will be quiet and relaxing

In the afternoon you set out to have a little fun and get some exercise near the beach. You find out that there is a scuba group leaving soon and it is for beginners so you sign up. During the outing you see incredibly colorful and exotic fish and plant life in the crystal clear waters just off the coast. You meet others who are traveling from other parts of the world, and you guides are friendly and helpful. On the way back the guides lead you in some Italian songs and they also do a quick coastal tour while filling you in about the rich history of this small ocean side town.

Puglia Restaurants:

Soon it is lunchtime and you decide to stroll down the main streets of Vieste looking for a new place to eat. Of course this is the mean that offers a lot of variety – you could get a wonderful sandwich to go and continue on your stroll, or you could sit down and have a fresh salad or some fruit. Some days you might choose to have a larger Italian lunch, but today perhaps you elect to just have a nice warm sandwich on freshly cooked italian bread. The servers are very friendly and you decide to eat outside and watch as the town gets busier during the early afternoon. The food of course is wonderful and you also have a native micro brewed beer or two. Toward the end of lunch you begin to get a little restless and you wrap up what is left of what was an extremely large portion and head back down to the beach.

Most people get a bit adventurous when considering where to have dinner in a Puglia Italy restaurant. As with many places you could travel to in Europe, you can choose many times to have dinner at Puglia restaurants – 5:00 for an early meal, 8:00 for a normal time, and as late as 10:00 or 11:00 is still within the normal. Dinner meals in Puglia tend to be incredibly delicious and carefully prepared, but you will find that they are smaller than lunch. People tend to eat less at night in Puglia and most of Italy, with the mid-day meal being largest. Yet the nighttime meal is often the most gourmet. Try different Puglia restaurants if you’d like, or find a few favorites and sample from each menu.

No trip to Italy would be complete without amazing food choices, and Puglia restaurants is no exception to this rule. The cornerstone of the restaurants in Puglia is called cucina povera or “peasant cooking” which involves many home-grown ingredients, heavy on fruits and vegetables

Puglia Hotels

There are many hotels in Puglia to choose from.  Many of these Puglia Hotels are very high quality, and the differences are more about style and prefernence than quality.  Do you want a hotels with a nightclub if you’d like and dance the night away.  Or do you want to stay at a hotel in Puglia with a nice quiet bar where you can talk and mingle and enjoy the fresh air. Or perhaps you just want to be near the beach or the forest. No matter what, the Puglia hotel you choose will give you a chance to spend time with your loved one and/or meet new people, and you can match your mood with an activity that fits.

As with Vieste, one of the great things about the Puglia Italy region is that most places do not tend to get too crowded and busy. But in the summer months there are certain festivals and traditions that do draw a large crowd that might include current residents, long-term visitors, people who grew up in the region and are returning, and people from all over the country.  So your choice among hotels in Puglia may also relate to how busy or quiet you want your stay to be.

Puglia Italy Vacations Summary

This page could be endless! There is so much to do in Puglia Italy that you can mic and match and choose a completely different day each time you wake up. Or maybe you might choose to repeat the perfect day you just had!

There are other excellent Puglia Travel Guides out there, including from Lonely Planet and Travel and Leisure.

This is certainly not an exhaustive listing of what you can do during your Puglia Italy holidays, but is at least a beginning of the activities and fun you can have near your seaside resort, hotel, timeshare, or condo. You don’t want to come away from your holiday with any regrets of what you wished you had done, but then again you may come away with a list of what you will do on your next visit to this wonderful holiday destination of Puglia Italy!

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