Peschichi is a small town in a perfect location in the gargano penninsula.  In fact, despite having fewer than 5000 regular inhabitants, Peschichi is a perfect place to enjoy the ocean, local culture, and beautiful nature in the region.  Peschichi Italy is similar to Vieste in many ways though it is smaller and a little more focused on the seaside.

Peschichi Overview

Peschichi is known for its crystal clear waters which have won prominent awards.  It lies in the northernmost part of the Gargano region, with ocean features dominating.  The Bay of Peschichi is overlooked by giant cliffs which offer amazing views.  While there you are very close to the wonderful Gargano National park.

The weather in Peschichi varies by season but it almost always nice and Italy This Way has a nice travel guide to the town.

Why Choose Peschichi

There are so many possible choices for your next holiday vacation, why choose Peschichi, Italy? In short, the answer lies in this beautiful ocean town’s wonderful diversity. This region of the Gargano province offers something for everyone. Do you like nature? Then you’ll love the breathtaking sights at the Gargano National Forest nearby. Do you like the ocean? Well, the beaches of Peschichi are absolutely wonderful. Is shopping your thing, especially when there are small merchants and beautiful homemade items to buy? Downtown Peschichi is small but offers some opportunity to browse. And the list goes on.

Peschichi offers enough versatility that a family can have as much fun as an individual or couple. There is plenty to do if you like to just stay within walking distance of your accommodation, and even more to explore if you are willing to take a short drive into Gargano.

Peschichi is also home to people who are glad you’ve come to visit. Unlike other vacation holiday destinations where it sometimes feels like you are imposing on the people of the town, the residents appreciate that you’ve chosen their home to visit, and want you to be happy so that you might return and help their businesses and spread the word about the beauty of where they live.

Peschichi Sights

Like Vieste, Peschichi is a small holiday town that has a lot to offer as far as its clean and beautiful beaches, wonderful food, and exciting nightlife.  But many people who travel to Italy and to Peschichi itself want to take in some of the history of this town, and look at the sights there are to see before they leave.  The region is quite rich in history and there are incredibly interesting things to learn, whether you are traveling with children and want them to learn something on the trip, or you just want to get a deeper appreciation for this town and this whole area of Italy.  The great thing is that the town of Peschichi is so small that taking in many of the historical sights does not take long and does not require a lot of in between travel.

Peschichi Tours

For those who are staying a week or more in Peschichi Italy, you could very easily choose the day with the most challenging whether to do your sightseeing because much of it takes place indoors.  You could also sight see during the morning or late afternoon before or after you go to the beach and so that you do not miss out on nightlife or other fun.  Whether you decide to go on a tour that brings you to every great sight in Peschichi but only briefly, or you decide to go on one that will focus on just a few but allow you more time at each, you will be able to cover a lot in a small amount of time.

There are also modified tours, such as those that focus on food destination as opposed to historical ones, or those that require a little bit of sport such as climbing or hiking.  There are tours of Peschichi by land and also be sea, and you may even find some that do both.   And finally you may find Peschichi Italy tours that are specifically designed for children and those which are tailored mostly to adults.

Peschichi Travel

So part of us wanted to answer the question: How has Peschichi changed over time? with a sarcastic “It has not”. And of course we would not be so far off, since this beautiful holiday vacation destination truly has changed little for tens and even hundreds of years, so you will certainly not notice huge changes from visit to visit. But all of that said, Vieste has changed a bit, and you should be aware of some changes if you haven’t already noticed:

1. Peschichi is secretly more technological. You won’t necessarily see the changes in technology, but you will notice that hotels have wi-fi, credit cards are more accepted all over the place, and computers are available if you did not bring one. If you want to get away from technology you can do that too – the businesses do not show off or flaunt technology either.

2. Peschichi has more of the usual stuff. Instead of having only cuisine that is native to Peschichi, for example, you will be able to get food that is more generally available all over the world. That goes for publications and popular items that individuals and families want during their holiday vacation.

3. Peschichi Italy offers more to tourists. A the start this holiday town was welcoming but changed little about what was available to tourists vs. people who lived there. Now, however, tourism is an important part of the economy, and thus more is available that people on holiday vacation will enjoy.

4. Peschichi has welcomed advertisements and promotions from the larger area of Puglia such as Gargano. At first this town was somewhat isolated as far as the information and advice they provided visitors – not out of selfishness but more because they figured visitors to Peschichi wanted to stay there. Now, however, you can get a lot of information and advice about the outside areas of Puglia and Gargano as well.

Peschichi Hotels

There are many choices as far as hotels in Peschichi Italy, and even though we are going to choose a couple that rise to the top that does not mean there are not other Pechichi hotels that would suit your needs.  There may even be hotels in Peschichi that are better than these for your unique taste and needs.  For now, however, here are our two favorites, and remember that we are not an affiliate site, so we do not make any money if you click the links.

Peschichi Hotel and Farmhouse

Poggio di Luna is more of a farmhouse than a hotel in Peschichi, and for those who love great views, great food, and an incredible view, Poggio di Luna many be the perfect choice.  This hotel in Peschichi is situated within olive groves but still within a short distance to the wonderful beaches of the region.  Most of the rooms have a private terrace, and inside there are all the amenities you need, including a minibar, satellite TV, and more.  There are many sizes of rooms to accommodate all types of travelers.  Enjoy traditional food expertly prepared before you take a dip in the warm and relaxing pool.  This Peschichi hotel will leave you full, relaxed, and content.

Peschichi Hotel Resort

If you are looking to be closer to the beach, the Hotel Gusmay is a great choice.  From its private beach in the Bay of Manacore, to its wonderful sports and fitness opportunities, it is no wonder that this is a popular choice of tourists.  While staying at the Hotel Gusmay go windsurfing or canoeing, or explore by snorkeling.  Maybe you’ll find a friendly pick-up game of football.  This may be a great choice of a hotel in Peschichi Italy if you are traveling with kids because they offer a special mini club for children.  There is also a pool, sauna, and Turkish bath along with a great exercise room.  And make sure you spend at least one meal in the restaurant which offers a huge buffet of local cuisine.  There is truly something for everyone at this Peschichi hotel!

Peschichi Travel Guide

Here are just a few examples of what you can do in Peschichi Italy:

– The beaches in Peschichi are award-winning and top notch.  You will not find cleaner beaches and more comfortable sand anywhere.  Snorkeling is a lot of fun for this reason, but so is just swimming and playing in the water and on the sand.  We suggest that you not miss the Peschichi beaches.

– The nightlife in Peschichi is quite unique.  Unlike a city or even a larger town, the nightlife here is more intimate in that you may really get to know others and run into new friends often.  The nightlife also has a certain flavor to it that combines the history with its modern small town identity.

– The historical sites in Peschichi Italy are of course unique, but they are also incredibly interesting and unforgettable.  This holiday town has a rich and exciting history that everyone will appreciate and remember.  The town is small enough to allow for you to visit many of the historical sites during your one day.

These are three of the major activities and attractions that you should try not to miss if you only have a day or two in Peschichi.

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