Mattinata is another beautiful seaside town in southeast Italy.  Just like Vieste, Mattinata Italy has a lot to offer yet is quaint and wonderful.  The follwing is a travel guide to Mattinata Italy that should provide you with a nice introduction to this holiday town and some ideas about what to do and when to go.

Mattinata Italy Background

Experienced travelers know that the economy of their destination can affect their experience. In good times there is little to worry about as far as any potential problems with the destination regarding potential closures, lack of upkeep, or poor quality food and activities. However, in booming times you may find a lot of new construction and some destinations will overreach as far as what they try to offer and add. But generally the concern is more about poor economic times for the reasons above.

Mattinata Italy has a quite stable economy. With enough diversity in how they make their money, and because they are in industries that tend to be stable, you have little to worry about with Mattinata. They are a fishing village to some degree, and the fishing is stable and productive almost always, so this tends to keep the economy stable as well. They also rely on tourists, but they don’t need to pack people in to do well so even a modest tourist season will be fruitful. And Mattinata will always be an attractive place for people to settle and live, so there is also a tax base that is stable and helpful.

Mattinata is about more than tourism

As opposed to towns and cities that are purely reliant on tourism and can have large problems when the global economy sinks a little, or destinations that are reliant on certain industries that can experience slowdowns, Mattinata Italy has an economy that is more likely to be stable and therefore your experience there is unlikely to be different than what we describe here and should not change year after year. In fact, there is a nice delicate balance in Mattinata – the economy may never be absolutely booming which would tempt this charming ocean side town to expand and change in character, but it will be solid enough to retain its high quality.

Mattinata To Do List

There are so many possible things to do in Mattinata Italy.  If you loved Vieste or have been reading this blog and like what you have read, also look into this wonderful town.  Here is a short list of what you can do in Mattinata:

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1. Take in a street festival in Mattinata this time, or at least go at a time that is historically significant.  This small vacation holiday destination has a rich and interesting history, and while you can always learn about it by visiting any number of its historical sites, going when there is an actual celebration of this history adds even more meaning.

2. Make sure you try new food vendors and activities the next time you visit Mattinata Italy.  It is too easy – and overall not such a bad thing – to stick with the restaurants, street vendors, and activities that you already tried and enjoyed.  But with at least some of your time try something new.  You may be surprised at how much you like the new Mattinata restaurant or street vendor and you could end up with the wonderful problem of liking too many things!

3. If you’ve only stayed within Mattinata proper, plan your travel so that you will explore the surrounding Gargano and Puglia areas this time.  There is so much to see and do just outside Mattinata, and if this means that you don;t get to all of your travel plans this time you’ll just have to return sometime soon.

4. Thank a local – let someone who lives in Mattinata, perhaps someone whose family has lived there for generations know how much you appreciate their lovely town!

Mattinata Tours

If you’ve decided to travel to Mattinata for your next holiday we want to help you start planning and looking forward to your vacation by the sea. Here are some examples of what you can do in Puglia Italy:

– Learn to surf; even the Puglia region of Italy does not have the huge waves you see on TV, it does have smaller waves and surfing provides a great total body workout and a nice day in the ocean and sun.

– Find local concerts during your Mattinata travel – the seaside towns in particular are often ripe with concerts and other nightlife. The music in this region of Italy is an often overlooked traesure.

– Have a bonfire or a cookout – be sure to follow all the rules of your resort, villa, or hotel, and of Mattinata Italy itself, but beaches can be a relatively safe spot for a fire, and it is just cool enough at night to make this a nice activity.

– Learn to wake board (also called skim boarding). This can be a little harder than surfing because it involves timing and speed, but this can be a fun activity especially where there are not enough waves for surfing.

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– Rent a kayak or canoe so you can explore the beautiful Mattinata coastline from the ocean – being careful to get advice and stay within your abilities and comfort level. The water is so clear and clean that you will be able to see fish and plant life as you move around

– Snorkel – the waters off Mattinata Italy have won environmental awards for being crystal clear and clean and snorkeling is very popular

– “Surf fishing” – basically means fishing by the ocean and is a more social way to do this fun activity

– Take a walk in a different direction each day and peruse a new shop each time

– Beachcombing is popular in Mattinata for both natural (sand dollars, shells, etc.) and left behind (coins or other treasures) items.

– Feed the seagulls and other wildlife in Mattinata if you wish, but again ask the locals if this is okay

– Learn something about the history of Puglia each day during your trip. Ask a local about a building or monument, or visit a historical site.

– Have a picnic on the beach of food you buy in local shops or local cafes in your region of Mattinata – enjoy the wonderful food of the area and the great beach at the same time

– Water aerobics are a great exercise and a lot of fun (though a little harder) by the ocean. It may help keep the pounds off during your seaside vacation in Vieste – the Italian food is so good this may be a great idea

– Parasailing is a great way to get an overhead view of Mattinata and everything it has to offer

– Try a new type of food or restaraunt during your trip to Mattinata. The food is so good you may find yourself coming away with a new food interest

– Seaplane rides are fun and also help you see what’s going on in both directions near your Mattinata Italy condo, resort or timeshare

– Explore many types of nightlife in Mattinata from clubs to bars to restaurants to fun on the beach

– Play a beach sport, like volleyball, wiffleball, “pickle”, frisbee, or badminton. This is a great way to meet other travelers, work off some calories, and have some fun.


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