Everything You Need to Know About Italy Vacations

Whether to Vieste or somewhere else, there are some helpful hints

Introduction to Italy Vacations

Our website is primarily dedicated to information and advice about Vieste, a small holiday town in the southeastern part of the country.  However, much of what we cover and advise is generalizable to hypothetical Italy vacations elsewhere in the country, so we designed this page to give more general advice.  We still, of course, hope that people will choose Vieste as their destination for any of their Italy vacations, but if not we still offer the following information and guidance.   We also suggest that you not only get general information like we have here, but also more specific information about the history, culture, and what there is to do at your specific destination.

Italy Vacations: When To Go

The first question you need to ask yourself when it comes to Italy vacations is when you should go.  A lot depends on your destination, given that the climate in this country can be quite different in different places, and your preference for activities and the underlying climate may be your guide.  In general couples and individuals who want to see more sights and experience more of the Italian culture may want to choose their Italy vacations for the spring and fall months.  This is when there are fewer families and people mostly interested in the wonderful beaches. Further, during the hottest months some interior holiday destinations actually slow down or shut down due to the heat.

Of course those hoping to go to one of the many beach towns will want to choose the summer, but if you are not traveling from Europe you may want to choose the slightly less crowded July time frame for your Italy vacations – in August many people in Europe traditionally take holiday vacations.  This wonderful country has a lot to offer during different seasons of the year and you just need to choose based on your own preferences for activities as well as cost.

If you are looking for a more specific time to travel, look into the possible traditions of the place you will visit – there may be celebrations and other traditions of some sort which either fall within some meaningful historic date or possibly a day names for one of the country’s patron saints.  In general Italy often has many enjoyable and fun festivities during Holy Week, Easter and Christmas.

Italy Vacations: Your Choices

You also have to decide what kind of trip you are planning when deciding on your Italy vacations – and the major choices are going to one place, going on a tour, or doing something in between.  If you want to just relax in a beautiful place and/or learn a lot about one particular culture, you might plan your Italy vacations around one stop each time you go.  One year you might choose Venice, while the next you’ll go to Rome, and then the year after that you’ll choose Vieste.  All three of these destinations are wonderful yet so different.  Interestingly you’ll still find common thread among these very different destinations.  On the other hand, if this is your first trip to this country or you are someone who likes to learn a lot of different things about a lot of different places, or you just can’t make up your mind between many great choices, you might choose a tour that takes you to a bunch of different destinations.

Many people choose a hybrid approach to the Italy vacations, narrowing their choices to two or maybe three destinations and splitting their time between them.  This allows them to see at least a couple of different places while still have enough relaxing down time.  The choice among these three possibilities often boils down to how much time you can set aside for your trip, cost, and the quality of each choice.  Of course it all usually starts with personal preference.

After you’ve chosen the type of trip you still need to make other decisions, including type of accommodations – from hotels to rental apartments to rental houses and condos – and where exactly you will stay as far as proximity to your favorite activities.  You’ll also need to book certain activities such as day trips ahead of time.

Italy Vacations: Method of Travel

You have several choices of how you will travel during your trip to this great country, and it may be that your choice depends on what you want to do during your Italy vacation.  In other words, you may choose your method of travel after you decide what you want your holiday vacation to include, or you might choose the travel method you like best and then the activities and destinations will follow.  The following are your choices, and what each might mean:

Italy vacations by car: You may want to rent a car while in Italy, and travel mostly on your own.  With GPS this is of course much easier, and the only drawback will be that you may either need to spend a lot of time driving or you’ll have to stay within a smaller area of the country during your stay.  Luckily many of the towns and cities in the country are reasonably close together so that while you may not be able to see everything you want, you certainly can see many different wonderful places when you travel by car.

Italy vacations by rail: If you do not mind having a little less control of when you leave and exactly where you end up, and you want to see more of the country, traveling by train can offer you the opportunity to see more of the country.  And of course you might be able to enjoy the great food and wine of Italy while on the train.  Some people choose just one or two-day or one-night trips by train on their Italy vacations, while others travel all over by train during their visit.

Italy vacations by bike, foot and taxi: For those who like to mostly stay and relax in one area but still want to see some of the surrounding sights, you can choose to just rely on taxis, bike rentals, and walking to explore smaller areas of the country.  A great example of this of course is those who visit Vieste but want to see some of the surrounding area of Gargano.

Types of Specialty Italy Vacations

Food Tours: If you love food you can focus your Italy vacations on food tours, going from place to place to enjoy the best food that this country has to offer.  Your Italy vacation could start in Tuscany, where you can enjoy the rustic food choices that were literally grown and harvested nearby and wine that was created in the region.  Enjoy a thick and wonderful homemade soup, incredible bread, and wonderful meat and cheese in Tuscanyvioli.  Then maybe your Italy vacation will move you on to Venice where you can enjoy incredible seafood while taking in a great view of the well-known canals.  Keep in mind that Venice also has wonderful wines, quite different than your other stops.  Now we move on to Puglia, where Vieste lies.  Here you can enjoy wonderful meats and great beans and cheese, or course all home-grown and prepared.  Here you can also enjoy great starches, from bread to pasta, and if you are near the coast you might find great seafood as well.  And finally we come to Sicily, where vegetables dominate.  But don;t be fooled by the healthiness of many of the main courses, the restaurants of Sicily love serving large portions of wonderful desserts.
Beach Tours: Perhaps your choice for your Italy vacations includes the desire to see many of the wonderful beaches in this country.  This is a terrific choice, and could include many different sights and experiences even if you do not travel too far.  For wonderful cliffs and rock formations that Amalfi Coast may be for you.  There you can take in incredible views up high and wonderful beaches with clubs and resorts at the coastline.  If you want more action and sport you may be interested in the Italian Riviera, where you could take a wonderful  hike or just enjoy the beach itself.  The Italian Riviera is also known for having wonderful food choices. If you are looking for a more quaint and relaxed beach experience on your Italy vacations you might enjoy Tuscany.  A high quality white sandy beach is long and allows you to spread out.  Finally you might consider the beaches of Sicily for your Italy vacations, given the great variety of experiences you can have there – even the sand color varies from pure white to black, and the highlight of your trip to the island beaches might be the nightlife.
There are of course other tours you can take during your Italy vacations, including historical tours, tours of famous cities, architectural tours, and tours of famous resorts.

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