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While most of this website discusses a specific town, we also want to provide a more general Italy travel guide for those not interested in Vieste or otherwise traveling to a different part of the country.  In many ways the information we provided about going to Vieste can be used more generally in our Italy travel guide, so it may be worth visiting other pages.  However, we also want to provide more general information.  This country provides a wonderful destination for people of all ages traveling individually, as couples, and families.  We hope to sum it all up in this one page Italy travel guide, and we hope others will add their comments below.

Italy Travel Guide Part 1: Cities

There are many different cities we could cover for this Italy travel guide, so we will focus on the more popular ones that offer the most to do and see.  Of course you may have your own favorite and as we hear from our readers we may add to this list.  For now the cities in Italy that we cover include:

Rome: The capital of Italy in modern times is close to a must see if you are traveling to Italy, particularly if you want to take in the wonderful history of the region.  This first step on our Italy travel guide has an incredible number of ancient architecture, with statues, monuments, buildings, fountains, and even palaces to see and explore.  Of course there are also museums where you can learn be seeing the rich history.  But even those who are not history buffs will enjoy the great food, nightlife, and shops.

Venice: This may be the most unique and breathtaking city in Italy and one that we could not possibly leave out of our Italy travel guide.  Venice is built on water but still has many incredible things to see, from its majestic church to many museums and palaces. It may be hard to spend only a small amount of time in Venice, so while it is a destination that is a part of Italy tours, it is also quite popular as a destination itself.  Don’t underestimate how much there is to do in the city built on water!

Florence takes its place in our Italy travel guide as a great place for those who love art and culture.  With many incredible architectural and art sights, as well as plazas that are crowded yet wonderful, Florence is a great destination.  Don’t forget the palaces and gardens, and don;t underestimate the food in this lovely city.  Whether you choose Florence as its own destination or part of a larger tour, you will leave having learned something and gaining new admiration for the history of this country.

Milan is a great destination for the shopper (or the browser) because of its wonderful shops and galleries.  It also has incredible food and a lot to see, with great architecture and La Scala, one of the most famous opera houses there is.  Milan has something for everyone and more, a city that you could visit over and over and still find new and wonderful things to see and do.

Genoa is a seaport and thus offers everything from a great aquarium, to wonderful sea food, to a a fun port area.  Its center is quite tied to its history, and you could spend a lot of time seeing its many churches and museums.  Genoa sits in our Italy travel guide as perfect for those who love the ocean and want to experience the hustle and bustle that comes with a seaside destination.

Italy Travel Guide Part 2: Methods of Transportation

If you are planning larger travels while in Italy, such as between the cities listed above, taking a train may be the best choice.  This is not just inexpensive, but also a great way to avoid the confusing and sometimes crowded roads that connect the cities.  Once you are in a  city you often do not need a car anyway, since most are walkable and also have good public transportation.

Italy Travel Guide Top Ten

Any Italy travel guide would not be complete without a comprehensive top ten list of things to do while in the country.  Here is ours:

1. Food in Italy: Of course every Italy travel guide talks about the pasta and the pasta dishes you can get in this great country, and we don’t disagree for a minute.  But do not leave the country until you have also tried a real Italian pizza, and make sure you have some of the best gelato in the world.  And when you are near the coast you should try the fresh fish.  The pasta may be out of this world, but there is so much more to Italian food than that!

2. The History: There is so much to see in Italy that truly brings back the past, we cannot possibly do everything justice on this page.  The leaning tower of Pisa is something the kids will get a kick out of, but there are also castles and ruins to explore.  And for adults, take in some of the incredible historical sites that you’ve only read about.

3. The Architecture: You will be amazed at the incredible architecture in this country,m and not just the famous places like the Vatican.  Many old streets have buildings that have an intricacy that shows how much time and effort was put into making the country look and feel great.

4. Art: There is of course the obvious, such as Michelangelo, but so many other famous historical and contemporary painters lived and worked here.  Make a point of going to a museum or two during your trip and you may be amazed at the quality of what you will fine.  Our Italy travel guide rates this as #4 on the list, but for many it is the true highlight.

5. Shopping: There is so much to shop for, and even if you don’t buy too much you can still enjoy the experience and style of Italian stores and shops.  You can also get some really great deals by bargaining in some of the smaller shops and roadside carts.  From clothing to fine wine to woodwork, there is a lot to shop for in this country, and our Italy travel guide would be remiss to leave this category out!

6. Nature: People often overlook the beauty of this country and the many natural sights there are to see.  Our Italy travel guide would not be complete if we did not mention the many forests, lakes, mountains, rivers, and oceanside places there are to see.  There are wonderful plants and birds, and if you are going on a tour that takes you to different destinations in this wonderful country, you may be able to see many different species and types.  Take at least one day to see the natural beauty of Italy.

7. The People: One of the best things about this beautiful country is how welcoming and hospitable its people are.  Get to know the people who live there when you go – ask questions about who they are and what their life has been like.  If they are showing their art, giving you a tour, or helping you find your way ask them what they think is the best thing about their country.  Our Italy travel guide is dwarfed by the type of information and advice you can receive from those who live there!

8. Wine: In Italy there is no shortage of great wine, and while the quality is great all around, you can get quite a variety of vino made in the country.  The wine makers in Italy take a lot of pride in their products, and they like to be distinct, so you can truly enjoy a great variety throughout your trip.

9. The ocean: The shoreline in Italy makes our Italy travel guide list of the top 10 because of the wonderful beaches as well as incredible rock formations such as cliffs and caves.  As we’ve covered elsewhere, Vieste’s beaches are just one example of the clean water, well-kept sand, and tons of waterfront activity you can find in the country.  Whether you want to swim, fish, snorkel, boat, or just explore, Italy’s beaches hold something for you.

10. Variety: IF you are going on an Italy tour, or planning to come back to the country after your initial trip you can find a great variety of what to do and where to go in this wonderful country.  From Venice to Roma to Vieste there are such differences in what you can do and explore that you can truly find something for everyone trip after trip.

In no particular order that is our top 10 great things about Italy for our Italy travel guide.  We welcome other suggestions in the comments section as well.

Wikipedia lists all the major cities in Italy and you can click on them to find out more information that might help with your travel planning and The New York Times offers a comprehensive guide to traveling to Italy

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